Update on Burundi

Update from peace

Please pray for the following:

  • There is a lot of fear in the country, especially among those who have yet to know Christ. With all of the uncertainty and violence and not knowing, comes fear - pray for peace and hope and calm to return to the nation and for help for the many who live in daily fear.
  • Even in the church, there is confusion as to how to pray - people hear rumors about things going on in the political realms and then aren't sure how to pray - so we can pray for the church to have wisdom and peace and to continue strong and to continue to be the light of Christ that their nation needs so badly to see
  • Praise God that the women are coming along well. They have such a strong will to learn that they make their way to the center, using different routes, depending on which streets are the safest that day
  • Pray that the recent attempts on the life of the military head will not spark reprisals - pray that the violence will end and not escalates
  • Pray for God's peace to descend on Burundi and for his will to be done for their nation


We have been watching the news headlines roll in from Burundi:

And we have been hurting for our friends there. Political unrest in Burundi brings violence to citizens, threatening harm to even those most removed from the conflict over the validity of the presidential election. 

Tirzah's connection

Homecare Sewing Center, Tirzah International’s Partner in Burundi

The political crisis that has engulfed Burundi since late April has impacted the Homecare Sewing Center in Bujumbura. In May, Peace Nihorimbere, Tirzah’s leader in Burundi left the country to stay with other Burundians who had fled to Rwanda.  Later that month, Peace came to California and met with some of Tirzah’s partner churches and advocates. Peace gave first hand information about how the unrest in Burundi is affecting the program, students and staff.  

There are gunfire and grenade attacks around the city between opposition and government forces.  Sewing classes were interrupted for a few weeks but have resumed. Each weekday, women come from different areas of the city, as they find it safe to travel. Food, shelter and medical care continue to be provided to the women. Peace returned to Burundi briefly in June to assess the situation and see what more could be done for the women in the program. She reports that God has kept all of the women safe and though there have been some injuries, not one has been lost. 

Please continue to pray with us that the political situation will improve quickly.



Homecare Sewing Center

A 10 month, 5 day a week training program for widows and orphans, many of whom are HIV positive. Women in the program are given funds for medical coverage and scholarships to keep their children in school. The program also provides literacy training, trauma counseling, and discipleship for these impoverished women who have been struggling to provide for themselves and their children. As the women come to know that they are loved by God, they begin a healing journey from the deep wounds they carry. These women, many of whom have endured the most desperate of circumstances, learn to sew and at the end of the program receive a sewing machine, materials and a stipend to start their businesses. At the center, women find something many of them do not have - a family of friends and supporters to help them rebuild their lives.


We are heartbroken over the world's injustices and violent tendencies. How can we respond to a crisis that is so out of our control? We turn to God who is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than all of us combined. 

Would you consider joining us in fasting?  

You can fast from meals or something else meaningful to you. We will take those newly emptied moments in our day to pray for the people in Burundi, specifically for the women with whom Tirzah works. Team Tirzah will be fasting on Thursdays!

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