Dates: February 2 - 9, 2018

Where: Cairo, Egypt

Leader: Kitty Daniels (kittydaniels@sc.rr.com; info@tirzah.org)

 Kitty Daniels has been invited to lead two trips to the MENA Region – one in early 2018 and one in September 2018.  The first trip will be to connect with women in AWEMA’s Egypt-based NGO’s and the other will be for a Conference with women leaders from the MENA Region and from the West.


Dates: June 8-18, 2018

Where: Nairobi, Kenya + Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Leader: Casandra Morgan-Loyer (casandra@tirzah.org)

Casandra will lead a trip to Ethiopia and Kenya in June to visit our partner programs there, BEZA CDA and HomeCare Kenya, respectively.


Dates: June 2018

Where: Brazil

Leader: Cheryl Lovejoy (cheryl@tirzah.org)

Cheryl plans to attend Brazil’s Leadership Conference in June 2018. This trip is open to previous Tirzah Travelers only.

tirzah TRIP F.A.Q.

"Why should I join Tirzah on a trip?"

Take time to be in community with our global partners and the women and girls they serve. As we build relationships and encourage women in tough situations, we learn how we can better partner with them and with other women around the world.

“How do I join a team?” 

Complete the Application Forms below. If your application is accepted, you'll then be asked to participate in Tirzah's short-term mission training either individually or with your team. 

“What will I be doing on a trip?”

Our goal for each trip is to maximize time with the women in Tirzah’s partner programs — being in fellowship, observing their businesses and skill development, serving in a variety of ways. The bedrock of Tirzah trips is relationship —with Christ, with fellow team members and with the staff and women who make up the programs.

Members of Tirzah Tampa Chapter - ready to head off for Burundi!

Made with love in Kenya!

“Aren’t these trips sad?” 

It’s not always easy to enter into someone else’s struggle. You will see some of the difficulties the women in Tirzah’s programs face BUT you will also witness their joy, their perseverance, their victories. Women around the world share many of the same hopes and dreams for their lives as you have for yours. You’ll hear their stories, see how God is at work in their lives and see Him working in yours.

“I don’t really have anything to offer.”

Not true! You have you to offer. Trust that if you show up God will be faithful to employ you to serve His daughters around the world. People ask why God doesn’t do something about suffering. He does. He sends us! Your presence matters more than you imagine.

Carol shares her crocheting skills with the women at the sewing center in Burundi.

Casandra, Peace and Aline, program graduate with her business supplies.

“But Africa is so far away…”

These days it can be tempting to want to stay close to home. Who doesn’t love a good comfort zone? But staying there might mean missing out on the opportunity to grow your faith and knowledge through life changing experiences. Don’t let fear cause you to miss the chance to deliver a message of love, hope, and support to a woman who needs to hear it.

“How long is a trip?” 

Trips typically last about ten days.

“How much does a trip cost?” 

Varies based on location. Cost includes travel, food, lodging, local transport, and medical insurance. The cost can be raised individually or as a team. We have a trip planned to Ethiopia in November 2016. Please email cmorganloyer@tirzah.org for the price of this upcoming trip. 

“Wouldn't the money for the trip be better just directly sent to the program?”

While, of course, we will never refuse your desire to support Tirzah monetarily, we believe that spending time and investing in relationships with our partners is priceless. There are hearts, minds, and spirits that need healing and we're called to do that for each other. We believe in following the early church's example of "going to see about one another." Our regional partners see great value in you coming and meeting the women in the programs. They have shared that it is an expression of caring and support that is irreplaceable. 

Recent Past TRIPS

Tirzah North America Regional Leader, Casandra Morgan-Loyer lead a summer trip. 

WHERE: Ethiopia and Kenya

WHEN: June 3rd - 13th, 2016


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