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Beza's Women's Empowerment Program
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

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Imagine what it’s like to be 25 years old and feel your life slipping away bit by bit to a terrible disease while you are trying to raise your children. 

Meet Sefanit.*  She is mom to two young sons, one in kindergarten and one in the first grade.  Sefanit is HIV positive and uneducated.  She was in declining health and like many young women in Africa, she was losing her battle with AIDS.  

Thanks to the Beza Community Development Association, Tirzah’s partner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sefanit’s story doesn’t end there.  Her boys are a part of BDCA’s programming for kids and through them, Sefanit learned about the Women’s Empowerment Program.  Sefanit was accepted into the program and was the first member of this year’s new group of students.  Sefanit and the rest of the class began in June 2015 and her health is already improving in great part due to the care and medication she is now receiving.  


Sefanit is learning to spin the cotton used to make traditional Ethiopian scarves. She and the other new members will also learn about managing and saving money, the basic principles of small business, healthy hygiene and will hear about the saving grace of faith in Christ.  Sefanit says she now has hope for the future for herself and her sons.  

* Not her real name.


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