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Mercy* is a widow in her mid-thirties with two sons, and hers is a story of transformation. Mercy joined the Fadhili women at Homecare Kenya in 2007 when she was in very bad condition. She had rashes all over her body. Her in-laws sent her out of her husband’s home and she ended up earning a living through prostitution to support her children, even though she knew her HIV-positive status.

Through the group meetings of the Fadhili women and a lot of prayer, Mercy has changed her life. She has gotten medical care and she has accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. She has learned to read the Bible on a daily basis and she takes time to pray and fast. 

“My life has taken a complete turnaround. I am healed both physically and spiritually. I am healthy. I am able to take good care of my children through my business and the casual jobs I do to boost my income.”

Mercy is actively involved in the group’s Income Generating Activities (IGAs.) She has learned life support skills and has learned other skills like detergent-making, bead-making and knitting. “I am an empowered woman,” she says. She even encourages other women in the community where she lives.

Last year, Mercy got some start-up cash to boost her business. She sells eggs and she is very proud of what she is doing.

“I am working very hard to secure my children’s future and buy myself and my children land for them to build on,” she says.

* Not her real name.


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