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Homecare Spiritual Fellowship
Fadhili Program in the Kibera Slums
Tirzah International's Partner in Kenya

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Juliana* was not anxious to share her story. A widow in her mid-forties, she joined the Fadhili women in April of 2012. The Fadhili group is the HIV/AIDS ministry of Homecare Kenya. Juliana has two daughters who are nineteen and twenty-five. Her oldest daughter is also living with HIV. 

Juliana was a very reserved woman when she first joined the group. She would not share freely with the other members. Through the weekly meetings, she has been able to open up and can now talk with the other members. She thanks God for giving her a chance to be in the Fadhili group. 

“Before I joined the group I did not have time for God. He was not a priority to me. But now I know without God nothing is possible. I have learned to forgive through the teachings that we have continued to have during our...devotions. I have also learned to read the Bible and pray for myself and my children. I have not yet reached where I want to go spiritually, but through the support of our coordinator I know I will achieve my goal,” Juliana says.

Juliana is one of the Fadhili members who is actively involved in selling powder detergent to the community around her. She supplements her income by selling soap and says Homecare has also taught her about record keeping to help her manage her business.

“The Group Saving and Loans has been a great tool in instilling saving culture in the members, and especially me. I didn’t have any savings but now I know the importance of saving. I get back my savings plus the interest at the end of the year. I used last year’s savings to add to the loan I was given by Homecare to buy materials for my dressmaking business. I thank God because since I joined the Fadhili group I have not had much difficulty in paying my house rent. Through the saving initiative I plan to buy a plot and build a house for myself and my children,” says a hopeful Juliana.

* Not her real name.


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