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Homecare, Tirzah International's Partner in Burundi

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Growing up in Burundi, thirty-five-year-old Helena* never knew her father since her mother was a rape victim.  When she was a young girl, her mother died of AIDS leaving Helena, also HIV positive, in the care of a family who abused and beat her.  One night, Helena was so badly beaten that the family took her to a hospital and abandoned her there.  No one came to bring her food or check on her.  When she was released with a permanent limp, Helena lived alone on the streets with no job and nowhere to go. Sometimes she returned to the hospital, seeking a safe place to sleep on its property.

One day, Helena heard about Homecare micro-enterprise training program and enrolled in the sewing class.  There she not only learned to sew, but also that she was loved and valued by God and the program leaders. Now she belongs to a group that truly cares about her.  Today, she is earning a small wage through the partnership to support herself and her big smile reflects the joy of being in a loving Christian group.

Thousands of women like Helena need to know how much God loves them - and be shown God’s love in practical ways like micro-enterprise training. 

* Not her real name.


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