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Beza's Women's Empowerment Program
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

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Fayza* had not had to work before coming to the Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) so when her husband left her she did not have the job skills to support herself and her children. After learning she was HIV positive, Fayza was invited to join the WEP. She learned the skills she needed to begin running her own business and set to work. Fayza bought hens and sells the eggs which go for a good price in her community. With the money she earns, Fayza opened a bank account that she named “The Hen Account.” Along with raising hens and selling eggs, Fayza bakes and sells injera, a staple of the Ethiopian diet. Fayza is proud to show visitors her garden, which she dug herself, and the onions and cabbages that she planted there to sell in the market.

Fayza says in the future, she will plant her garden in straight lines. While Fayza’s son passed away at age twelve, Fayza’s daughter, Qali, is a vibrant girl who says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

* Not her real name.


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