Stories from Our Projects in Burundi

She has a story to tell. Meet the women in our partner programs in Burundi:



At one home where she lived for a long time, she was awakened at 4 am and sent out to work in the garden until 4 pm. As soon as she came in from the garden, she was sent to the bar to sell drinks until midnight. Read one girl's story of labor trafficking and finding freedom. >

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“When I see street kids and street moms I feel very bad. When I see them, I see the picture of me before I came to this place.” Read more about the powerful changes in Asta's life after graduating from the sewing center in Burundi. >

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Imagine being a young girl and losing your mother just as you’re entering adolescence. Read how Hikima, an HIV+ widow in Burundi is overcoming tough circumstances and finding confidence. >

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Being able to read and do basic math is something many people take for granted. Liesse, a widow in Burundi, does not. Read her story of moving from illiteracy into a whole new world. >

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“I am no more orphan. I am no more widow. I am beyond all that.” Read Monia's victorious story. >

More Stories Related to:  Poverty // Slavery // Violence




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