Prayer Updates: May 2017

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:

Prayers for the Tirzah Leaders Retreat in June

1. For the Lord's guidance as to the agenda – that the topics and sessions we focus on will be from His heart. He knows what is coming for Tirzah and Tirzah's global partners, so may our agenda reflect His own wisdom and foresight.

2. That as the leaders come together, it will be like iron sharpening iron - that there will be shared learning and wonderful fresh insights as the leaders share their best practices.

3. That we will have great discussions surrounding Tirzah's Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2020. That as we engage together, we will all feel this is a plan we can own and embrace.

4. For the remaining visas to be obtained – Madeleine, Ksenija, Dorothy

5. For blessing on the nation of Kenya - that the elections and the lead-up will be peaceful.

6. For all of the local scheduling and logistical details to come together in both Kenya and Ethiopia. For the Lord's blessing on Judy, Esther and Ermias as they work on this.

7. For the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way among us as we gather together. For the women to connect in deep and refreshing ways that will rejuvenate them for a new season of ministry. That joy would permeate our days together.

8. For the Lord's financial provision for the conference.

Thank you and thank you for praying!



President, Tirzah International


Here are prayers for our global family:

  • Please pray for preparations for our global leaders' gathering in Kenya (and pray for Judy/Esther in Kenya and Ermias in Ethiopia as they make arrangements there for the team to arrive) - the tickets are arranged and now we are working on local arrangements - scheduling, transport, rooms, etc. Please pray that the Lord's hand and wisdom would guide us and that He would shape our agenda according to His knowledge of what lies ahead.
  • We are trying to get a French-speaking translator for Madeleine and a Portuguese-speaking translator for Abilene and it turns out they are quite a bit more expensive than we had imagined. Esther is looking into creative options - please pray with us that the Lord will open a door on this one!
  • Please pray for those teams that are preparing to visit global programs - Anita Delhaas (Tirzah board member) will lead a team to Ethiopia in June and Kitty Daniels (Advocate Team Leader) is leading a trip to be with AWEMA staff in Cyprus in September.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide the needed funding and resources for Tirzah's global ministry - the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him!
  • Pray for our sisters and brothers in Egypt - for peace and security in this land.
  • Pray for our Girls' Night In campaign and other efforts to help current donors/advocates engage their networks for Tirzah.

Thank you for praying! Hugs to all!



Arab World

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to the Lord.
— Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

We started 2017, by having this verse as our motto. We believe that the Lord, who has started this ministry for more than 33 years, is faithful to protect His workers and His ministry for a new year. By the rising of the needs of the surrounding millions of people every day, in MENA countries, the opportunity of declaring Christ’s love in our communities is on the rise. We know that the Lord is in control and He is in charge of his work and ministry under all circumstances. We thank God for the 1st quarter in 2017, in which the Lord has delighted us with His presence, His blessings, as well as, many answered prayers that were lifted to God for giving us his transcended peace. We send you AWEMA March Newsletter and we hope that you keep on praying for AWEMA ministry in MENA Region. Thank you for your care and support. God bless you.

In Him,

M. F.


Hyderbad, India

Bhavani who is in 2nd year of Nursing She is one of our child support children. Bhavani is a 19-year-old girl who lost a father in crucial years of 12th class. Later the mother was contemplating discontinuing studies/marriage. Nireekshana encouraged her and helped her to join in Nursing and supported her education. She is doing very well; she started loving Jesus and wants to serve him. Now she stays in hostel and she is studying well she is a role model to all the neighbors. She loves to come to Nireekshana whenever she has free time. She comes along with her mother. She is thanking every donor for supporting Nireekshana. Thank you for praying for us consistently.... we are so grateful.

We are grateful for your consistent prayers. It moves mountains! The May month praise & prayer points are:

1. Pray for permissions for the building we need a breakthrough.

2. Continue to pray for sustainability of funding for these coming months.

3. Pray for our single men/women staff to find life partners if that is the Lord's plan for them.

4. One of our staff is praying for a baby; please continue to pray for her.

5. Please continue to pray for our laboratory work and research to develop. God is moving our work.

6. Continue to pray provision for new equipment for leprosy work. We have applied to Emmer for funding

7. Praise God for the Prevention of HIV from mother to child Project.

8. Praise God that the work at Nireekshana is going smoothly without any interruptions.

9. Pray for staff who can support fund raising and project management.

10. Please continue to pray for funding.

Thank you and bless you


Lavanya & Sujai


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines

(UPDATED: MARCH 2017) We praise God for:

Our EC meeting on 5 Sep 16 for the women conference to hold when Cheryl Lovejoy and group come in first week of Feb 2017. We decided to hold the women leaders Conference on 3- 4 Feb 2017 at Pyin Oo Lwin, my hometown, up country, where expecting about 70 from five places. The budget need is 1900 USD.

Please pray for,

  1. Pastor Thida Htay, one of our TI Myanmar EC members is going to take operation for giving birth for her first child baby girl on 2 Feb 17
  2. Women conference in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar on 3-4 Feb 17 expecting 80+.
  3. Cheryl Lovejoy, Kathryn Henry, Kym, Fenny Ang and Fungisai Nandi, for their safe travel and glorify God by their messages.

Thank you!

Dorothy Colney

From Lily:

Just two prayer points: 1. pray for our Sabah state election in May 2017 and 2. please pray against the Hudud law, which they intend to pass in parliament by force. 




This Town Hall news article that explains the current turmoil taking place in Burundi.This BBC country profile has some background information on Burundi, and a bit of an explanation as to why the current elections are so critical.

I can't tell you how I felt when I received your encouragement! Thank you! I know God is at work all the time especially for us who call upon his Name. My heart is rejoicing in the Lord because HE has adopted me in his family and you are my sisters in the Lord Jesus. For now I am in Ottawa waiting for my first grand child to come in two weeks, please pray with me that all go well with Alice, my daughter and her baby girl. Praising God for his goodness and Love! I miss you all and remember off you in my prayers. Many blessings to you. Please give my love to all my sisters.

Your sister in Christ


  • We are praying for security and peace in the country; please pray that the Lord help us. The food is 200% times increased in prices, it is hard for many to feed the families!
  • For our graduated to work in a safe places. Thank God for those who are in the Countryside but those who are in Bujumbura need to work in a secure area.
  • We are going to receive more ladies for sewing program. Please pray for wisdom for the staff, we received more than 100 applying. As you understand many are hungry and know that at Homecare we provide food, we really need to have wisdom and know who are widows or orphans. And we [can only take a] maximum of 60 ladies, because we still have the current class.
  • Pray that all of them would receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • Pray for the staff that their needs be met.
  • Pray that leaders would be guided by wisdom as to what is best for the nation as a whole in these days leading up to the May and June elections in 2017.
  • Please continue to pray for a miracle of peace in this nation that has seen far too much war and pain. 

Latin America

Pray for God's guidance as we consider candidates for the next Regional Leader for Latin America


(UPDATED: MARCH 2017) Our gratitude to the Father for every woman who embraces the cause of the Kingdom together with Rede Tirzah Brasil. They are valiant women who love and work hard to do good. To God be the gory. I wish very much to be with the sisters in June 2017 at the regional meeting, so I ask that you pray that I will be able to raise funds for travel expenses. The price of the dollar is very high compared to the Real (Brazilian currency) and I have to take some measures for the trip. I remain firm in the purpose of participating with you. I'm waiting on God. Pray for the coordinators of Tirzah Brasil. They need health because they are untiring in the work of the Lord and in the effort to help women in need. Pray for the work on the Aurá-PA project. This year, there was a very large demand for women to attend the Art workshops. The materials were not enough to provide for everyone. We pray for donation of materials such as ink and cloth. The used clothes are very useful as well. 


Abilene Silva

National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL

east africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan


  1. We thank God for rains in various parts of the nation - they were much needed!
  2. Thank God that the doctors and university lectures are back on schedule
  3. For protection and good health

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for speakers invited to speak this month in our radio, TV program, and weekly fellowship meeting, that God will mightily empower them to speak and teach the word of God.
  2. Pray for Reverend Judy's speaking engagements that God will give her the word for the season.
  3. Pray for the children's holiday camp which we expect 300 children to attend.
  4. Pray for funds to run the ministry.
  5. Continue to pray for our nation for peace during the campaigns period during and after elections
  6. Pray for guests for our retreat center.

May God richly bless you,

Rev. Judy Mbugua

Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Thank you for your prayers mounted in favor of our sister, (Julienne) the Leader FAM /TIRZAH of Gabon, but God decided otherwise. The Lord reminded him on 12 April in Canada, we pray for her seven daughters, her spouse and for the members of her family are in tears. May the Lord console and strengthen them.

I also invite you to pray for the only son of the National Leader / FAM / Tirzah of Guinea Conakry, he is suffering cancer that is in the last phase. We cry at the feet of Jesus Christ, for His intervention, the God of the Impossible.

We pray for the national leader FAM / Tirzah of Chad, she and her daughter are sick and are currently in the hospital. Let us pray that the Lord will visit them especially.

God bless you,

Madeleine Gouentoueu

From Cheryl: Julienne's funeral will be held in Gabon from May 4-6 and Madeleine is requesting assistance with the costs of attending the funeral and then presenting a gift to the family, as is culturally expected. Please ask the Lord to provide for this need - We know that the Lord is able to provide all that is needed. Thank you for lifting up Julienne's family in this time of loss. Thankful for you all! Cheryl


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

(UPDATED: MARCH 2017)  What an encouragement to hear from you! Tomorrow I celebrate my 66th birthday and with so many cheering me along the way I have no thought of stepping down yet as there is so much to do. Having a group of younger leaders working with me gives me strength and hope for the future. I acknowledge that I need to slow down and I am doing much less international travel but the world seems to be coming to me. On Thursday morning I shall be speaking to a group of 300 YWAM leaders from around the world, just had a visit from some of the leaders this afternoon and am so encouraged to know that they want to hear from the older generation. Please pray for me as I speak. Need to have a word in season for these young leaders doing great work for God. In March I speak to the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa on the issue of Gender Equality, not a very popular issue for church leaders still today but there are some who are willing to explore and discover new revelation in scripture.

Thank you for your prayers: now some special requests:

  1. Thursday morning as I speak to the YWAM leaders
  2. For better mobility and less pain in my legs
  3. For a meeting I have with 100 pastors in the city speaking on reconciliation on Wednesday, March 8.
  4. I currently run an early learning center with 12 staff and 50 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Pray for favor as I raise the funds to renovate the toilets for the children. I have approached a business to assist.
  5. Thank God for the many opportunities I have to serve in South Africa and around the world.
  6. Please pray for my upcoming trip to Kenya at the end of March 27-31 to attend the MANI conference. Pray for health and finances as I feel very strongly that women need to be part of it. I am planning a gender workshop for ministers and wives for 18th March. Pray for reconciliation and healing as we discuss gender issues.

Thank you!

With much gratitude and blessing

Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia

Thank you for your continued prayers. I have been asked to speak at women's conference in August so please pray that as part of that I might have the chance to share about Tirzah. Please also pray for a trip I am taking with my husband and mum and sisters to Tonga. Please pray that the Lord would provide a connection with someone who would become a Tirzah connection there.

Blessings to all,




Daughters of the King conference will be held in Primosten, Croatia from April 20-23. There are around 500 registered participants from former Yugoslavia, today seven counties on Balkan.


  • that there would be no obstacles which could stop them from coming to the conference.
  • for a spiritual renewal, and physical rest for them.
  • for the speakers, that God can use them according to His will, and all the subjects would be for the blessings of the listener.
  • for my health. I have a gall-bladder stone, and I need surgery, soon. In my country we have to wait in line for it, what means it can be few month or half of the year until it is my turn. Pray that God opens the door soon for me, to have the surgery.

love you all,


North America

Please pray for us as we work on the schedule and logistics for the global leaders gathering in Nairobi in June. Prayers for all of Tirzah’s partner churches and prayers that we would be able to expand the network and invite more churches to be a part of Tirzah. Prayers for the health and wellness of all the global leaders. Prayers for wisdom and creativity as I continue to work on developing new Tirzah small group study materials. Prayers for all the Tirzah advocates who are hosting or considering hosting Share the Love parties this spring and summer. May they find it to be a joyful and fruitful time of connection around supporting Tirzah and women and girls around the world.



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