Prayer Updates: September 2017

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:


Here are prayers for September:

  • Please lift up the AWEMA conference from 9/18 to 9/21 - may the Lord move in a mighty way to bring new and effective ways to minister to target groups in this region. Pray also for travel mercies on all those coming from the region and outside the region (and on our own Tirzah team!)
  • Please pray for the time that Anita Delhaas and Cheryl will have visiting with Anita's friends who traveled to Ethiopia. May the Lord encourage their continued involvement with Tirzah.
  • Please lift up all of the Tirzah advocates who live in Houston and are having to put their lives back together after the hurricane's destruction. Pray also for our friends in the path of Irma. May the Lord of the wind and waves intervene.
  • Pray for Kenya as they face a new set of presidential elections - may the Lord guard over all of the Fadhili women to protect and encourage them.
  • Please ask the Lord to open the storehouses and provide for Tirzah's ministries around the world. Especially as we move toward the holiday giving season. May hearts be responsive to the opportunities placed before them.

Thank you so much dear Brooks - for coordinating our prayers even when you are in the midst of such a time!

Much love,


President, Tirzah International


Arab World

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
— Philippians 4:4 (NIV)

Warm greeting in the precious name of the Lord Jesus. I am sure you keep us in your prayers and I would like to share with you some prayer requests for AWEMA:

  1. Stella is starting 2 new ministries in North Sudan. The 1st one is with women prisoners and the other is with young vulnerable women in a shelter. The circumstances of the prisoners and young women are really hard. We are praying that God would give us the wisdom and ideas to help them.
  2. We are praying for AWEMA Round Table Conference, for all the organizational details as well as all the lectures, panels and workshops. May God give us new ideas and plans for the coming years. We pray that it will be a blessing and encouragement to all attendees, as well as for us.
  3. A child of a church planter in Algeria is sick. She has a problem in her bones that makes walking hard for her. We pray for God’s healing.

In Him,

M. B. + AWEMA Family

Please pray for:

  • Our ATI Kenya students: God is working and transforming not only their minds, but also their hearts and culture into a Christ-like culture. Please keep praying with us that what God has started in their lives, He will keep on fulfilling.
  • ATI African Horn students: We pray that the Lord open new opportunities of ministry for ATI graduates and call workers to go to various villages in the African Horn and share the good news.
  • Pastors’ Training: We pray for a certain person to recover from a surgery he had in his leg after an accident. That God will keep the teaching applied and effective in the lives of the members. That God will give the church boldness to be effective in their community and extend its territories.
  • Church Planting: In one of the served villages there is distrust and opposition. We pray that God gives us grace and wisdom in the eyes of the villagers and lead us through the ministry. We pray for many sick people that God brings healing.
  • Women and Young Women: We thank God that young women are growing in knowing him through this last 5 months. We pray that God would provide for the needs of each of the young women and give them hope and future, according to His will. We pray for God’s grace and wisdom for each of the group leaders so that they know how to deal with the various challenges and difficulties they face in their group.
  • Refugee programs: We pray that God protects these precious women, living among such aggressive & terrifying attacks. We pray that God keep them trusting strongly in Him, and be a light and salt for whoever they meet. We pray for a young woman who has just become engaged to a good man. We pray that God would bless their new family and restore all negative impact of her past.


Hyderbad, India

Dear Tirzah Family,

Greetings from Nireekshana Family!

 Thank you for praying for us consistently.... we are so grateful. Please find our prayers and thanks giving for the month of September. Thanks-giving:

  1. We thank God for the visit of a cardiologist from Shreveport, USA to give special care to over 25 HIV positives with heart problems.
  2. We thank God for successful running of the clinic and over 70 people touched & transformed each day (HIV positives as well as Leprosy).
  3. We thank God for successful training awareness programs in a local community.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for more resources to run the Organization - there is an acute need.
  2. Pray for a guest from Africa who is visiting Nireekshana for a month.
  3. Pray for Govt. Permissions for the building.
  4. Pray for our laboratory work and research to develop new collaborations.
  5. Pray for New research projects, which are being written.
  6. Pray for a breakthrough in "India Collaboration" project funding

Thank you,

Udaya, for Drs. Lavanya & Sujai Suneetha


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines

Please pray for:

  1. Ms. Lily Win, big sister of Rev. Shelly Win, President of TI Myanmar committee, who lost her only son Saw Samuel 26 yrs., on 28 Aug 17 because of kidney failure. Ms. Lily also suffering liver cirrhosis for many years.
  2. Dorothy Colney for shoulder pain.
  3. Rev. Shelly Win and her younger sister Emily Win, suffering diabetics.
  4. Myanmar, heavy rain and many places covered with floods especially at our medical mission areas Dalah and Saikpyoye. We plan to go on a medical mission on 28 Sep 17.
  5. Fanny and group plan to come to Myanmar in Feb 2018.
  6. My big brother James Colney's family. He went to his heavenly home on 7 Aug 17. He was 74 yrs. old. He has three children and four grandchildren.

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for us. 

Dorothy Colney

From Lily:

Greetings, 3 prayer points:

  1. National Leadership Seminar from 19-24th September
  2. Pray for the facilitators and participants that through this training they will be equipped to be leaders leading in evangelism. Instruction of training will be in our national language.
  3. Pray for our nation that the leaders will fear God and govern the nation with integrity and care for the people. 

That’s all for now.



Please continue to pray for Burundi. God has been faithful to us at Homecare and the women are well and see God's hands.

Many blessings,


Latin America

Pray for God's guidance as we consider candidates for the next Regional Leader for Latin America


Dear Sisters,

I praise God for allowing me to live wonderful days in Nairobi. My expectation was very great in the days leading up to the journey, and with the grace of God, everything was amazing. My heart is full of gratitude for the warmth and care given to me from the moment I arrived until my return. Thank you with all my heart to Cheryl and Judy for the warmth and friendship shown me all the time. I keep many special moments lived together with each sister I met and learned to love. In fact I lived unforgettable days filled of the Holy Spirit’s presence. The Lord gave me spiritual refreshment. When I returned, I stayed with my daughters, my sons-in-law and my granddaughter for a few days, and I was able to share the experiences I experienced on this journey that was so rich in knowledge, learning and confronting such diverse realities. Then I met with the sisters of Tirzah Brazil from my city to pray and share the experiences and everything I learned. They testified that they were built up and felt challenged to continue to cooperate in the cause of the Kingdom of God. I pray constantly for the sisters and their ministries and I keep in my memories the little faces of the children that I could see when I visited the outskirts of Nairobi. May the eternal God enlighten each life with the grace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. I feel renewed and driven to continue the work that the Lord has entrusted to us.

I ask you to help us in prayer so that we can reach the challenges that await us.

Prayer requests:

  • For salvation of the drug dealers of the region.
  • Resources (Paint, brush, tables and chairs).
  • Project developed in Rio de Janeiro with children living in the periphery.
  • Lydia’s Health, Volunteer Teachers to Work on the Project
  • Resources (Pencil, rubber, notebook with musical staff, musical instruments)
  • Dealing with needy people in places of difficult access
  • The integral Gospel accessible to all places
  • Resources for traveling and buying clothes, sandals and water bottles

a big hug,


National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL

east africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan

Greetings in Jesus Name! Herewith please find our thanks giving and prayers for the month of September. 


  1.  Join us in thanking God for peaceful election on 8th August.
  2. Thanks to God for successful academic day held on 25th August. 70 students attended and were impacted with skills to help them improve their performance as they return to school for the end term this year.
  3. Thank God for the life’s that has been transformed through the Homecare Evangelism and discipleship/media program. We continue to receive messages of salvation. We thank God for successful Tirzah Int'l. Board meeting held in June.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for safety to our school going students as they return back to school and for their final term of the year. Pray for 4 University/College students joining campus this year. May they remain focused and may God help them adjust in the new environment.
  2. Continue in prayer for peace in the Nation especially following September 1 ruling of the Supreme Court concerning the contested Presidential Election results.
  3. Pray for the leaders elected in the government that they may serve faithfully.
  4. Pray for the body of Christ in Kenya to arise and to take her place in society.
  5. Pray for healing of broken hearts and relationships affected during the just ended election outcome.
  6. We pray for funds to run the ministry and to meet the various needs currently.
  7. Pray for all guests at our Retreat Centre
  8. Pray for the entire family of Homecare Fellowship. Two of our committed founder members have recently gone to be with the Lord this year. Pray for strength and comfort as we mourn them and God’s grace to be evident in this time of bereavement.

God richly bless you and may He remember the good work you have faithfully continued to labor for His servants. 

Rev. Judy Mbugua

Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Dear Sisters + Brothers in Christ,

May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and with those around you! 

Thank you for your prayers in our favor and especially for the women's conference in Mali and Côte d'Ivoire. Let us pray that all that has been learned will be put into practice by the audience. As promised here is some information about this Conference: - The conference actually took place on the scheduled date -

The theme is "God seeks true worshipers, can he rely on you?

  • The qualities of the true worshiper
  • The impact of the true worshiper on her family and her entourage
  • The true worshiper and the Mission

The women returned with joy and determination. For me, my joy will be total if these women apply what they have learned and let the Holy Spirit transform the life of each of them.

I would like to thank you for your prayers for the preparations for the TIRZAH / Mali 2018 Consultation, as well as for the healing of Pastor Gilbert Gouentoueu.

I love you and I carry you in my prayers so that the Lord will strengthen you in this noble but very difficult ministry.

God bless you,

Madeleine Gouentoueu


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

(UPDATED: MARCH 2017)  What an encouragement to hear from you! Tomorrow I celebrate my 66th birthday and with so many cheering me along the way I have no thought of stepping down yet as there is so much to do. Having a group of younger leaders working with me gives me strength and hope for the future. I acknowledge that I need to slow down and I am doing much less international travel but the world seems to be coming to me. On Thursday morning I shall be speaking to a group of 300 YWAM leaders from around the world, just had a visit from some of the leaders this afternoon and am so encouraged to know that they want to hear from the older generation. Please pray for me as I speak. Need to have a word in season for these young leaders doing great work for God. In March I speak to the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa on the issue of Gender Equality, not a very popular issue for church leaders still today but there are some who are willing to explore and discover new revelation in scripture.

Thank you for your prayers: now some special requests:

  1. Thursday morning as I speak to the YWAM leaders
  2. For better mobility and less pain in my legs
  3. For a meeting I have with 100 pastors in the city speaking on reconciliation on Wednesday, March 8.
  4. I currently run an early learning center with 12 staff and 50 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Pray for favor as I raise the funds to renovate the toilets for the children. I have approached a business to assist.
  5. Thank God for the many opportunities I have to serve in South Africa and around the world.
  6. Please pray for my upcoming trip to Kenya at the end of March 27-31 to attend the MANI conference. Pray for health and finances as I feel very strongly that women need to be part of it. I am planning a gender workshop for ministers and wives for 18th March. Pray for reconciliation and healing as we discuss gender issues.

Thank you!

With much gratitude and blessing

Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia

Thank you for your continued prayers.

I have recently spoken at a women's conference and God was so kind among the over 90 women was an Iranian woman. She is a refugee and had been invited through English as a second language classes. She gave her heart to God that day and I would value your prayers for her and her family.

I would also value your prayers as I mentor women in leadership from various churches and organizations. I recently had a family heritage trip to Tonga and met some wonderful women in Christian Leadership. Please pray for an opportunity to return and to continue to build relationship.

I would also like to share the news that the book I wrote about our son's journey with neutropenia (which is a rare blood disorder) was shortlisted for the Australian Christian Book of the Year award. We had a wonderful night as the celebrations. It will soon be made available on Amazon in kindle version.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Blessings to everyone!




Dear Sisters, We are going to have a breakfast for women on the 9th of September. The subject of that event will be: Abused Women. Pray that many women who are carrying wounds because of different kinds of abuse would find healing in Jesus.

love you all,


North America

  1. Prayers for all those who are considering going on the 2018 trip to Ethiopia and Kenya. We trust that the Lord is assembling this team and organizing the schedule according to His plans. It will be a tremendous opportunity to visit two countries and two Tirzah projects. The dates are tentatively set for June 8-18th, 2018
  2. Praise for a great call with the Tirzah Advisory board last month. We lift each one of them up to the Lord and pray that they would be blessed and continue to use their skills and influence to contribute to the Tirzah network. Particular prayer for Rahel Yoo, who lives in Houston and all others who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
  3. Prayer for all of Tirzah's North American church partners and the pastors who serve those congregations. We are so grateful for each of them.
  4. Prayer for Tirzah advocates who are in active chapters and are able to enjoy that support but also prayers for advocates who don’t have a big network of support but who still find ways to get involved and serve.May they be encouraged!



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