Prayer Updates: February 2018

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:


Thank you, as ever, for praying so faithfully for the needs and ministry of Tirzah. This is our foundation - looking to the Lord to provide for all that is needed.
For February, please pray:

  1. for wisdom for the regions that are planning major conferences this year: Madeleine and her team in Mali and Violet and her team in the MENA Region. So many decisions to be made!
  2. for our campaign to invite donors to move to the next level in their giving. As we move forward in our Strategic Plan, there are new programs to be funded, so we have the challenge both to invite new donors to give and to invite those who are giving to consider increasing their giving in 2018. May the Lord pave the way!
  3. for Bravery for the Tirzah network! "Brave" is our word from the Lord for Tirzah for 2018.
  4. for international missions teams that are forming during 2018 - may the Lord touch hearts and encourage friends to join us. We are looking at Kenya/Ethiopia for June (Casandra leading) and the MENA Region for September (Kitty Daniels leading). We haven't had enough interest expressed for the February trip to Egypt so will most likely need to cancel that trip.
  5. for the Lord's special blessing on Lorry Lutz, WOGA's founder as she turns 90 this February! We are so thankful for her and for her passion to see women blessed and empowered.
  6. for the Lord's blessing of health, joy, energy, strength, wisdom and grace on all of our global leaders, women in the programs, staff, board members, donors and advocates.
  7. for the women in our programs to know they are loved, created in God's image, and to succeed in learning business skills, life skills and how to live as women of the King!
  8. for the Lord's provision of a new board member during 2018. We need His wisdom as to who will serve in this key position.

Thank you so much for your prayers!
With love,


President, Tirzah International


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Greetings Dear Praying Friends,
Blessings to you in this second week of the new year!
We've received the prayer request below from Madeleine. Let's be lifting Gilbert up for healing. Please also pray for the family as they are no longer receiving financial help from Gilbert's former employer. They have plans to get their farm up and running again. Let's pray that this will be a successful venture that will provide for their family's needs.

Warmly, in Christ,


From Madeleine:
Hello dear sister, Cheryl Lovejoy, and all the Team Tirzah!
I thank the Lord for his grace and mercy. My husband had a very serious heart attack caused by the lack of his drugs. He was admitted to the hospital for a few days. But thanks to the prayers of each and all, God intervened and He has given his life. We are now at home. We give all the glory to our Lord. And I take this opportunity to thank all those who remember us in prayer. Pray for the financial problem that it takes his medication regularly. But pray especially for his full recovery. Our Lord Jesus Christ is able to heal completely. Best wishes to all for this new year. God of Grace covers you for all his blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Madeleine Gouentoueu
Francophone Africa Leader


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

Happy New Year to all and thank you for faithfully praying for us.

Please praise God with me for much better mobility the knee replacement surgery was successful and I am on the road to recovery.

Please pray for the many opportunities to serve the kingdom in South Africa and Africa. Hosting a colloquium at Stellenbosch university 23rd and 24th January on the relevance of the church in South Africa with the view to establishing a theological commission for The Evangelical Alliance in South Africa.

Pray for my participation in the Empowered 21 movement in South Africa 30 Jan - 1Feb.

Much love and blessings,


Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia
Thanks for your prayers
Give thanks:

  1. We have just run a wonderful retreat for women leading Christian ministries in Cambodia
  2. Also had another team from our church build a home with RAW that will give a hand up to this beautiful Mum in the photo and her family.

Coming up:

  1. This weekend we have our church camp
  2. February 8-10th I am speaking at a women’s conference
  3. March 2-3rd I am speaking at a women's conference
  4. March 30th I am coordinating and running Good Friday service at Northridge Vineyard
  5. April 6-8th I have a women’s retreat at the Abbey. I am also completing my research for my masters on transitioning senior leadership in the church context.

Blessings, friends!

Kath x


Dear friends,

In Serbia Christians and churches joined the International Marriage Week, 7-14, with different activities. In Belgrade the national television already did few programs with Christians, and the whole country can see and hear about the Biblical view of marriage. Some newspapers also did interviews with Christian leaders. Many churches in different cities are organizing dinners for couples. Here in Serbia we are going to have a "romantic dinner" in the church on Feb 9th. Please pray, that during this week God would really work in Serbia, that marriages would be healed, that it would be much less divorce than last year. Pray that Christians would use this opportunity everywhere in Serbia to step out boldly.

Much love

North America

Would appreciate prayer for all of Tirzah’s upcoming team trips -- Cairo, Kenya/Ethiopia and Brazil. Prayers as team members make decisions, raise funds and prepare for the trips. Prayer for all of the partner churches and advocates as this new year begins. We pray for each of them to continue to make connections with each other, the leaders and the women in the Tirzah programs. Let’s pray that they continue to know their value and their power. May the Lord continue to move in their lives, in their families, in their jobs and in their churches. We are so grateful for them and trust that the Lord has great things in store for all of us as we work together this year.



Arab World

Warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus!
Thank you for your email of January 30 and for your continued support to AWEMA through prayer.
Please find attached a testimony from our church planting ministry.
Following are our current top prayer requests:

  1. The church in Algeria: there is a new wave of persecution much fiercer than ever before. Eight churches have already been shut down by the government. It seems highly likely that more churches will be shut down in the near future, unless the Lord intervenes. Please pray for protection for God’s people there, and that nothing hinders His work and the expanding of His Kingdom.
  2. AWEMA International Women Conference (scheduled to be held September 17 – 21): that God may lead us to what’s on His heart and that we may enjoy His presence.
  3. Women ministry and church planting ministry in North Sudan: that God may protect the workers from danger, pressures and persecutions, and that He may give them grace to continue to do His work.
  4. Relief ministry in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon: pray especially for the Syrian refugees who wish to return to their home country. Pray that God may give us grace to prepare them psychologically and spiritually and to help them financially or with material assistance so that they may start anew in their home country.

Thank you for your care and support!
God bless you.
In Him,
M. F.
General Director


Hyderbad, India

Greetings to you all from Nireekshana ACET!  Hope this mail finds you experiencing good health and receiving the renewed blessings of the new-year!

The month of December was quite a busy time for us as we had multiple end-of-the-
year celebrations conducted for HIV infected and affected families.

We had a team of working professionals, who are also volunteers at Happy Tree, Hong Kong visit us this month. We were touched by the stories of the children-at-risk at their orphanage in Cambodia and simultaneously empowered through their stories of transformation. As we celebrate joyous Christmas in December, I end this mail by reminding us all to love others like God loves us!

Here’s wishing you all a year filled with peace and prosperity!
Best regards,

Drs. Lavanya and Sujai Suneetha

Executive Directors, Nireekshana ACET

Women’s Empowerment Program note: Last month was slower than usual since many of the women have not been experiencing the best of health. We pray for a swift recovery.


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines


We praise for:

  1. Our monthly prayer & fellowship meeting hold on 20 Jan 18. 
  2. Women meeting at Dalah where over 50 women attended. Rev. Dorothy Colney and Pastor Sandar led them. 
  3. Medical mission to Dalah on 25 Jan 18 where over 50 patients given treatment. 
  4. God leading us the whole year of 2017 and could do our regular missions. All of our EC members are fine.
  5. EC members Rev. Dr. Dorothy Colney, Rev.Dr. Lorraine, Dr. Christobel Polu and Dr. Clarabel Polu received Ph.D and Rev. Shelly Win got Doctor of Divinity on 16 Dec 2017. 
  6. Our government showed their favor to Christians since Dec 2017, gave permission to celebrate Christmas openly on the streets, in all the parks in Yangon. We never had this kind of freedom for more than 50 years. God answers our prayers.

Please pray for:

  1. Fenny Ang and family will visit to Myanmar on 19-21 Feb 18 to survey on Dalah project.  We will visit to Dalah on 20 Feb.
  2. Our government will start their Yangon -Dalah Friendship with Korean Bridge Project in Apr 2018. Our people group in Dalah will be moved somewhere and got their permission paper slips already. Please pray for them and for us to continue meeting with them wherever they are sent away. Please pray for the Dalah bridge project which is partnership with Korean government to finish well in 2020.
  3. Monthly prayer meeting & fellowship meeting on 17 Feb and medical mission to Dalah on 20 Feb while Fenny Ang is here. 
  4. Our country leaders Aung San Su Kyi and her NLD party leaders. The State Vice President Henry Van Thio and his family are very dedicated Christians and there are also many Christians among the Parliament members.   Please pray for them.
  5. For our 13 EC members to have more health, wisdom and spiritual strength as they faithfully involving in TI Myanmar ministry. 

Thank you so much for your prayer for us.

Dorothy Colney

east africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan

(updated December 2017)

Merry Christmas belatedly and happy new year!

Let me first of all personalize this email and let you know how you have been a blessing to me. Over the months and years, you have intervened for me and for Homecare ministry. I want to tell you how much I appreciated hearing at the meeting in Colorado Springs when the team shared how you always meet to pray for us was very memorable. Also, 2016/17 has been very difficult for us as a family, with very serious sickness of my husband, and loss of employment for three of my children. My husband is now better.

Prayer/praise items:

  1. Thanks to God for taking Homecare through the years, enabling us to pay the bills, difficult as that has been.
  2. Thank God for enabling us complete the retreat centre to a habitable condition. We are now able to take 50 people in.
  3. Thank God for health enjoyed by all staff members and security of our premises.
  4. Thank God for the conclusion of electoral campaign period that was prolonged by annulled presidential results. This brought the country and its economy down very rapidly.
  5. Thank God I turned 70 years and am still strong. The Lord has suppressed some lingering medical conditions.


  1. That God would keep Kenya safe and politically stable.
  2. That my children will get employment or start their own businesses.
  3.  That the retreat centre will enjoy full occupancy so that we can maintain the ministry and support the poor.
  4. That I may be completely well together with my husband. Also, several women in Fadhili HIV projects would get better. Several were unwell and two were quite sick.
  5. That we would get market to sell the things that they make like soap.
  6. That we may get a good replacement for Rose, their facilitator for the past 14 years. She feels it is time to rest.
  7. For funds to dig a borehole at the retreat centers because as the people increase so does the cost of water.

May God bless you all. 

Happy new year,


Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


(updated December 2017)

Dear Sisters,

I praise God for allowing me to live wonderful days in Nairobi. My expectation was very great in the days leading up to the journey, and with the grace of God, everything was amazing. My heart is full of gratitude for the warmth and care given to me from the moment I arrived until my return. Thank you with all my heart to Cheryl and Judy for the warmth and friendship shown me all the time. I keep many special moments lived together with each sister I met and learned to love. In fact I lived unforgettable days filled of the Holy Spirit’s presence. The Lord gave me spiritual refreshment. When I returned, I stayed with my daughters, my sons-in-law and my granddaughter for a few days, and I was able to share the experiences I experienced on this journey that was so rich in knowledge, learning and confronting such diverse realities. Then I met with the sisters of Tirzah Brazil from my city to pray and share the experiences and everything I learned. They testified that they were built up and felt challenged to continue to cooperate in the cause of the Kingdom of God. I pray constantly for the sisters and their ministries and I keep in my memories the little faces of the children that I could see when I visited the outskirts of Nairobi. May the eternal God enlighten each life with the grace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. I feel renewed and driven to continue the work that the Lord has entrusted to us.

I ask you to help us in prayer so that we can reach the challenges that await us.

Prayer requests:

  • For salvation of the drug dealers of the region.
  • Resources (Paint, brush, tables and chairs).
  • Project developed in Rio de Janeiro with children living in the periphery.
  • Lydia’s Health, Volunteer Teachers to Work on the Project
  • Resources (Pencil, rubber, notebook with musical staff, musical instruments)
  • Dealing with needy people in places of difficult access
  • The integral Gospel accessible to all places
  • Resources for traveling and buying clothes, sandals and water bottles

a big hug,


National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL

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