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AsiaN Peninsula and Islands

Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines

Reverend Dorothy Colney // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Southeast Asia has been in ministry forty years. Reverend Dorothy Colney was officially ordained as a pastor in Manila, Philippines and worked ten years with Burma Campus Crusade for Christ and the Church of God in Myanmar (Evangelical). She is Senior Pastor, President of the Church of God in Myanmar, and Chairperson of Scripture Union Myanmar. Reverend Dorothy received her honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2009 in Malaysia from the Christian Institute of Theology.  Her work with Tirzah focuses on leadership training, ministering to and providing medical care for women who are living with HIV/AIDS, preventing human trafficking by educating women and families and training on the importance of keeping girls in school. Reverend Dorothy and the leadership team in her region have developed a strong network that works across ethnic and denominational lines. 
Reverend Dorothy describes when she knew she was called to minister to women: “One night in my dream I was climbing up the stairs and going up the building. When I reached the top I saw a big door opened and saw many sick women who needed help. I felt so [much] pity for them and tr[ied] to go in. ..When I woke up I clearly knew that this assignment was from God.”
Reverend Dorothy has already seen some of her prayers answered as religious freedom has grown in her nation. She is grateful for progress but knows there is still a lot of work to be done. She feels a great burden for poor widows and would like to develop a micro-enterprise/small business training program for them as well as expand her trafficking awareness program.

Read About the Issues Dorothy and Her Team Address in the Asian Peninsula and Islands:
AIDS // Leadership // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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Dr. F // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in the Arab World began her ministry about 40 years ago, during her study at the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University. Dr. F started by leading a group for ministering to the Faculty students. In 1985, she began to support the ministry of AWEMA (Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association) through involvement with their women's ministry during the conferences they held in the Arab world. Dr. F. also counseled women as she traveled among countries in this region and has been involved in the ministry of prayer. During these long years, the Lord has used her to serve women in the fields of teaching, counseling and prayer. She hopes to continue to serve women through leadership of the AWEMA Women's Committee that is serving women from the Middle East, North Africa and the African Horn countries. This Women's Committee consists of six women from Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Syria. All of the Committee members have served in ministry among Arab women for more than ten years.

Read About the Issues Dr. F. and Her Team Address in the Arab World:
Education // Leadership // Poverty // Violence

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New Leader Coming Soon! // Tirzah is very excited to be announcing a new Regional Leader soon - stay tuned for details! 

Read About the Issues Women Face in Asia:
AIDS // Leadership // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru
New Leader Coming Soon! // Tirzah is very excited to be announcing a new Regional Leader soon - stay tuned for details! 

Read About the Issues Women Face in Latin America:
AIDS // Leadership // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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North America

Casandra Morgan-Loyer // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in North America joined the staff of Tirzah in January 2014 after serving as Tirzah's Los Angeles chapter co-leader for several years. Casandra has a BA in Cinema/Television Production from the University of Southern California and is an Emmy nominated and Writers’ Guild Award winning writer. Her work as Tirzah’s director in North America involves finding creative ways to educate people about the issues that impact the lives of women globally --AIDS, Violence, Poverty, Slavery and Education. She speaks to women’s groups, fosters and develops relationships with partner churches and leads teams to visit Tirzah’s global projects. Casandra develops material that can be used by advocates to learn more about Tirzah’s issues and how they can get involved. She also helps write fundraising materials and plans advocacy events. She lives in California with her husband and their two children.

“I am a writer who has worked mostly in entertainment but I come from a family of six daughters and have always been acutely aware that women and girls are often not on a fair playing field. During a quiet time in my life, God called me to take a closer look at these issues and my heart was broken in ways I could not ignore. My personal mission is to help women and girls thrive, prosper, believe, hope, laugh uncontrollably and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they matter to God and they matter to the world.”

Read About the Issues Casandra and Her Team Address in North America: 
AIDS // Education // Leadership // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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Abilene da Paz Barros Silva // Tirzah's Regional Leader in Brazil was born in a Christian home, the daughter of a church leader. Her parents were very dedicated to the work of the Lord, and from an early age she decided to serve Jesus. Abilene married a seminarian who was soon ordained as a pastor and together they were sent to the mission field in the city of São Luís Maranhão. They have two grown daughters, who serve God together with their husbands. They also have one beautiful granddaughter.

Abilene's formal training has been in the fields of Theology, Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy. She currently works in school education. She also serve in the "CAMPOS" Ministry - the Center for Assistance to Missions, Projects and Social Organizations. Within this ministry, Abilene is a lecturer for church-planters, married couples and families. She is the Regional Leader for Tirzah's Brazil network.  In this capacity she organizes bi-annual national congresses and coordinates the Tabitha Project, whose objective is to provide dignity through practical assistance for those in need.

Her fervent desire is to see the Gospel being preached in every corner of the earth and a living church planted and active among every race and tribe, tongue and nation. She prays to the Lord for a genuine renewal that awakens the Church of the Lord Jesus in order that Christians throughout the world have a love for those yet to know Christ.

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Read About the Issues Abilene and Her Team Address in Brazil: Leadership // Poverty

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Ksenija Sabo // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Eastern Europe is a respected Bible teacher and is on the leadership committee for Hope for Europe (HFE), a network of organizations collaborating in ministry across Europe. Tirzah partners with HFE in training women leaders particularly in Eastern European nations. Ksenija and her team focus on developing women leaders, training them to respond to the critical issues of their nations. She helps them discover how they can use their gifts and talents to impact their communities and provide leadership within the church. She also reaches out to marginalized ethnic groups, particularly the impoverished Roma people. She works to help these families keep their daughters in school and provides training in life skills and practical help for families with money-management information, food support and scholarships. She also helps women who are dealing with domestic violence, which is common in her region. Ksenija and her husband Victor, a pastor, live in Serbia and have four adult children.
Ksenija first felt a call to serve women in 1989 while still living under communism. She came to understand that she had to be willing to engage women inside and outside of the church in environments where they could be comfortable. Women needed friendship, love and support. In these early meetings outside of church, Ksenija faced the needs and wounds of these women and felt God open her eyes and her heart toward serving women. 
Ksenija’s vision is to bring women together and inspire them to reach out with the love of Christ and meet the practical needs of society. Her favorite Bible passage is from Ephesians 2:  " ... at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel ... without hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ."
“I am not alien anymore and not separated from God and not separated from other nations. I know that I have sisters all over the world and we can pray for each other, and help each other. We all belong to the same family, God's family. It brings me great joy and my heart is full of love and thankfulness.”

Read About the Issues Ksenija and Her Team Address in Europe:
Education // Leadership // Slavery // Violence

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Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda

Peace Nihorimbere // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Francophone Central Africa has a deep understanding of what it means to live through trauma. Peace lived through three genocides in her nation of Burundi. She lost members of her family to ethnic violence and during the genocide in 1993, Peace and her family were forced to flee their home in Burundi for Switzerland, eventually settling in Canada. In 2003, Peace felt the Lord calling her to return to Burundi to encourage women and help rebuild the nation. Peace’s ministry focuses on assisting poor widows and orphans through the Homecare Spiritual Fellowship Sewing Center. Burundi is a nation still recovering from the trauma of genocide. The ministry takes a holistic approach, addressing spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Peace and her team provide sewing training, a literacy program, spiritual training, micro-loans, micro-enterprise training, educational support so children can remain in school, training on HIV prevention, outreach to those who do not know the Lord, and training for leaders.  Peace lives in Bujumbura, Burundi, with her husband. They have three adult children who live in Canada.
Peace’s mission is to empower women and young girls to be self-sufficient and to impact families by teaching the Word of God, through prayer, counseling and social transformation. Peace is grateful that, “God in His goodness remembered women who did not have a hope but now they know that there is a hope in Jesus Christ!”

Read About the Issues Peace and Her Team Address in Central Africa:
AIDS // Education // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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Judy Mbugua // Tirzah's Regional Leader for Eastern Africa, served as the first chairperson for the Pan Africa Christian Women’s Alliance (PACWA).  She also founded and directs Homecare Spiritual Fellowship. Judy is an international speaker, author, and serves on a number of boards. She and her team minister to HIV/AIDS widows and orphans through capacity-building programs, spiritual development, food and educational support and counseling. Homecare also provides mentors to young women leaders and has a strong prayer and evangelism outreach to individuals and families. Judy lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband. They have five adult children and ten grandchildren.
“I was a young mother whose life seemed not to have a clear direction. The Lord ordered my life and taught me the power of prayer. Because of what the Lord has done for me over the years, picking me from a village girl and causing me to sit with great men and women, I’m obliged to minister His special love to other women giving them hope for their lives and that of their families too.  It’s all because of Christ’s love for us; humankind. Let us express the same love to the world.”

Read About the Issues Judy and Her Team Address in Kenya:
AIDS // Education // Poverty // Slavery // Violence

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Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Madeleine Gouentoueu // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Francophone Africa has served in Christian ministry for over 20 years. She received her Masters Degree from the Bangui Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (BEST) in Central African Republic.  Madeleine has served as a Professor in the School of Theology for 12 years and teaches in the MA Program in Leadership. Her ministry focuses on leadership training including bi-annual conferences for women leaders throughout the region, advocacy for abused women and girls, micro-enterprise for poor women, evangelism & prayer. She and her husband, who is also in ministry, live in Abidjan and have four adult children. 
“Since my childhood, I had a very huge love for God and his work. ...I had to do evangelism and training of women to help them in their spiritual life with God. I am grateful to God for His infinite love; he chose a humble person as me and gave me freedom... I am glad that God has been using me to set free the souls of women, to mobilize, sensitize, form and transform a lot of women leaders of Francophone Africa... May God fortif[y] us and help us accomplish His work in love, joy and peace.”

Read About the Issues Madeleine and Her Team Address in Francophone Africa:
Education // Leadership // Slavery

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Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand

Kath Henry // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in the South Pacific has a background in nursing, midwifery and caring for patients in Intensive Care. She has a BA in Health Sciences and a Master's degree in Adult Education and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Chaplaincy and Christian Spirituality. Kath has worked in the clinical setting and also as a lecturer, clinical educator and researcher. She also serves as Chaplain for a ministry that supports women who have been impacted by a friend or family member’s imprisonment.
Kath and her husband Phil are the senior pastors of Northridge Vineyard Church in Sydney. They have two amazing young adult children. Kath and the team are meeting regularly to pray for the South Pacific Region. Kath and the team are seeking  to develop the Tirzah's Emerging Leaders Network in Australia. She is seeking to connect and encourage women leaders across the Pacific Region, who through their faith in God, are seeking ways to combat national issues facing women and their communities.
“I grew up in a family where I was encouraged as a young girl and as a woman to value education and was given a sense of responsibility to seek ways to encourage and develop others. Through my career as a nurse and midwife, I became aware of the important role women have in the world as leaders within families and communities. I have a heart to support and encourage Christian women who are seeking to raise awareness of issues for women in the South Pacific region and work towards transforming our world. 
I have a vision of all women knowing that they are loved by God. I believe that when women have the chance to explore what God has placed within them, and the support to develop skills and the freedom to live out their passion that our families, communities and nations become a better place.”

Read About the Issues Kath and Her Team Address in the South Pacific: Leadership // Poverty

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South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola, Botswana, Namibia

Esmé Bowers // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Southern Africa was a clothing designer by profession, but left her business when she felt God calling her into full-time ministry. Esmé serves as the International Board Chairperson for Africa Enterprise and travels extensively in Africa training leaders. Her ministry focuses on training women leaders to know their value and recognize their callings.  She also works to help reconcile the genders by teaching both men and women that God values women and has great purpose for their lives. Esmé also has a heart for abused women and has developed information brochures which churches can use to reach out to them.
She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband who is a pastor. They have one adult daughter and one grandchild.
“Raising up a new generation of leaders is one of my top priorities.”

Read About the Issues Esmé and Her Team Address in Southern Africa:
Leadership // Violence

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