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Are Women Human?*

Attitudes that diminish the humanity of women and girls have been pervasive and difficult to change. They are largely what make it possible for the violence inflicted on women and girls to be coldly overlooked or lukewarmly condemned. If women and girls aren’t fully equal human beings, then violence against them is no big deal.  

Violence against women and girls includes those forms of abuse that most people think of as violent acts such as rape and physical or verbal abuse. It also includes female genital cutting and forced early marriage, which robs girls of their choices in life and relegates them to a life of poverty and servitude. This violence also includes gendercide through sex-selective abortions and the killing of newborn baby girls.

Tirzah Responds:

arab world

Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association (AWEMA),
Tirzah International's Partner in the Arab World

Tirzah’s partner in the Middle East, AWEMA, has several programs in the region that address the violence that impacts women and girls. 

AWEMA works with abused women in Egypt, Sudan and Jordan, with Iraqi refugee women in Syria and with Syrian refugee women in Lebanon. The program aims to improve the lives of abused women through spiritual and social development. 

In Egypt, Sudan, and Jordan, AWEMA works with abused and oppressed women by providing them with support, counseling, and discipleship groups so that they can gain an understanding of God’s healing, purpose, and plan for their lives. This program works to train women who have suffered abuse to become leaders and reach out to women in their churches and communities. Women gather regularly to pray and spend time supporting one another.

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The Fadhili Program, Homecare, 
Tirzah International’s Partner in Kenya  

This program provides emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological support to women in the Kibera Slum who are living with HIV. During Homecare meetings, the staff addresses the violence many of the women have faced and connects the women with trained counselors who volunteer with Homecare.

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Tirzah's regional leader in Southern Africa, Esmé Bowers' focus in 2014 was abused women. August is "Women's Month" in South Africa so Esmé and her team conducted four day-long training events in Johannesburg, Cape Town and East London to assist the church in combatting the major issue of the abuse of women in South Africa. Esmé developed informational brochures which churches can use to reach out to abused women. In total over 450 women from various denominations and independent churches attended these events.

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Homecare Sewing Center,
Tirzah International’s Partner in Burundi

A ten-month, five-day-a-week training program for widows and orphans. Many women in this program have faced traumatic violence. Many have survived genocide and carry deep scars. Many have also faced sexual and physical violence from partners, in-laws and family members. As well as learning an income generating skill, the women receive trauma counseling, funds for medical coverage and scholarships to keep their children in school. The program also provides literacy training and discipleship. 

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Entoto Women’s Empowerment Program, 
Beza Community Development Association,
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

This program focuses on women living with AIDS/HIV on Entoto Mountain. This program provides business training so that these women can earn income for their families. Many of the women and girls in the Entoto program have been exposed to various forms of gender-based violence. Beza Community Development  Association (BCDA)  training supports women and girls in the necessary skills to be free from violence by enhancing their decision making power through raising awareness, capacity building training and creating job opportunities.  

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Asian Peninsula and Islands

Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines

Tirzah’s leader and her team in this region have a network that impacts women who have suffered abuse, rape, forced prostitution and who are at risk of being sold across borders. The work is church-based and focuses on discipleship and building women up so that they can improve their lives and reach out to vulnerable women in their immediate communities.  

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Latin America

Tirzah’s leaders in Latin America train leaders and teach throughout the region on how to counsel women who have suffered abuse. They also train leaders on how to address cultural norms that dehumanize women and girls. 

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Eastern Europe

Tirzah’s regional leader and her team work with many women who have faced violence. Her team helps get battered women into counseling and helps women escape from abusive situations. They are in the beginning stages of developing this needed ministry. 

They also minister to the Roma community where forced early marriage is common. Girls aged 13 or 14 are frequently given in marriage to much older men. The team also works to keep young Roma girls in school and delay marriage.  

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North America

Tirzah’s North American advocates and chapters host advocacy raising events across the US. Advocates focus on raising funds to support the international programs and raising awareness about the devastating ways women and girls are impacted by female genital cutting, forced early marriage, sexual and physical violence.

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* Title of a book written by Dorothy L. Sayers: "Are Women Human? Penetrating, Sensible, and Witty Essays on the Role of Women in Society"







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