Extreme poverty means spending your life on a desperate search for what is a given for most of us -- sustenance, shelter, security. It means a constant struggle to find the option that you hope will do the least amount of harm. Too often, it forces women and girls into vulnerable positions. It charts courses for their lives they did not choose and do not want. It’s a thief that steals health, potential, joy and hope. It robs them and it robs all of us of their gifts and contributions.

Tirzah Responds:


The Fadhili Program, Homecare, 
Tirzah International’s Partner in Kenya

This program provides emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological support to women in the Kibera Slum who are HIV positive. The women learn skills like knitting, soap-making, bead-making, and crocheting, among others. They then sell these products to earn income. For the three years these women are in our program, we assist with their house rent and medical care when needed. The women meet not just to learn new skills but also to share their personal experiences. During their therapy sessions, many have been encouraged to hear that what they are going through is not new and others have gone through it victoriously. At the end of the three years, we support these women with capital to go and start a business of their choice.

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arab world

Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association (AWEMA),
Tirzah International's Partner in the Arab World

Tirzah's partner runs a program for women that teaches handcrafts such as sewing and crocheting. Women are mentored in finding ways to market and sell their goods. They are also provided with literacy and math training, which builds their confidence and helps them as they support their families.  As a part of the skills training, women are encouraged to suggest seminar topics they would find helpful. Recent topics have included hygiene, family relationships and dealing with teenagers.

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Homecare Sewing Center,
Tirzah International’s Partner in Burundi

A ten-month, five-day-a-week training program for widows and orphans, many of whom are HIV positive. Women in the program are given funds for medical coverage and scholarships to keep their children in school. The program also provides literacy training, trauma counseling, and discipleship for these impoverished women who have been struggling to provide for themselves and their children. These women, many of whom have endured the most desperate of circumstances, learn to sew and at the end of the program receive a sewing machine, materials and a stipend to start their businesses. At the center, women find something many of them do not have -- a family of friends and supporters to help them rebuild their lives.

This program also provides microloans to those women who cannot attend the sewing program.

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Entoto Women’s Empowerment Program, 
Beza Community Development Association,
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

This program focuses on women living with HIV/AIDS on Entoto mountain. The program provides income-generating activity training so that these women can earn income for their families. Some of the women become employees of the Bethi Entoto jewelry company. Others are trained to start their own businesses or helped to find other job opportunities. Areas of training include tailoring, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, leatherwork, and printing. 

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Asian Peninsula and Islands

Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines

Tirzah's leaders in this region train poor women in dress-making and tailoring. 

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Latin America

Leadership has assisted with microloan programs, agricultural education, food development of corn and beans, and hydroponic home gardening projects.

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