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Tirzah’s Emerging Leaders Initiative is a program designed to identify and support young women around the world who are currently leading and have the potential to lead on the regional and global stage. Tirzah will connect emerging leaders with global and local mentors, will help to open doors of opportunity for these young leaders, and will connect them to similarly-minded young leaders across the globe.

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Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association (AWEMA),
Tirzah International's Partner in the Arab World

Tirzah’s partner in the Middle East, AWEMA, runs a spiritual ministry for abused and oppressed women in these nations. This ministry aims at spiritually developing women by providing them with counseling and discipleship groups so that they can better enjoy their relationship with their Savior, develop their potential and serve as leaders in their churches.  Past meeting topics have included, “The True Concept of Freedom,” “God’s Fatherhood,” “God’s Protection,” “Evangelism,” and “Marriage and Relationship with Males.” As these women experience healing, they are encouraged to actively engage as leaders in their churches and communities.

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Abilene da Paz Barros Silva, Tirzah’s regional leader in Brazil partners with "CAMPOS" (Support Center Missions Projects and Social Organizations). Within this ministry, Abilene works to recruit and train Christians of different denominations to bring the Word of God to people who live in places with difficult access, who don’t know Christ or where there is little evangelical presence. The Network visits these often poor families, bringing not just the Gospel but also clothes, shoes and toys for donation.

Abilene trains Brazilian missionaries to be sent to places where Christ is not yet known. The training focuses on the importance of health in three dimensions: body, soul and spirit. 

Abilene and the Tirzah Brazil network regularly conduct activities and events to train on topics such as prayer, missions, and outreach projects to impoverished communities.

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Kath Henry, Tirzah’s regional leader in Australia and the South Pacific Islands is developing a mentoring group for emerging leaders. Kath is also working to partner with economically marginalized women in the South Pacific Islands.

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Tirzah’s leadership in Latin America endeavors to give women a vision of their own calling, purpose, and identity in Christ. They teach and preach throughout the region and work with individual ministries who are mentoring young leaders. 

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Esmé Bowers, Tirzah’s regional leader in Southern Africa, trains key leaders in the nations throughout her region. Trainings focus on preparing women for leadership in both church and community. Esmé also teaches both men and women on gender issues that prevent women from stepping forward into leadership.

Esmé has a passion for mentoring and encouraging emerging leaders and has developed a network of young leaders within her region. Esmé and her team work to connect experienced leaders to young leaders for mentoring. 

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Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines

On the third Saturday of every month Tirzah in Myanmar hosts a women’s fellowship meeting. Women ministry and mission leaders set aside all of their other work and meet to pray, share testimonies of how the Lord is working in their lives and encourage one another. This group comes together across denominational and racial differences. In a nation where religious freedom is precious, these meetings are a great encouragement and serve as strong motivation for ministry.

Dorothy Colney, Tirzah’s regional leader for Southeast Asia, holds leadership training conferences each year reaching several hundred women. The training includes spiritual, leadership and personal development.  These women leaders go on to train many other women in their communities. 

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Ksenija Sabo, Tirzah’s regional leader in Eastern Europe, works to help women realize their potential, gifts and talents and encourages them to use those skills to impact their communities. She is also involved in the leadership of a Bible school and the Precept Ministries Institute, with an enrollment that includes mostly female students. These are future pastors, teachers and preachers. Part of Ksenija’s calling is to help women understand that the Lord needs women as well as men in ministry.

After the Bosnian war, the former Yugoslavia split geographically and spiritually. There were no connections between churches in the countries of former Yugoslavia. Eight years ago, a group of Christian women, including Ksenija, came together at a meeting in Croatia to seek reconciliation. At this gathering, women stood and asked each other for forgiveness for all that had happened. They blessed each other and prayed for each other. That event was the beginning of “Daughters of the King,” a yearly conference that brings women together from across Eastern Europe.

The year that this conference was held in Bosnia, 550 ladies gathered together for four days in love and unity, to worship God and to proclaim His Lordship in their lives and over their nations. The theme was " Vessels of Honor". Women described their time there as encouraging, a “balm on their wounded hearts.” Tirzah helped women to attend who otherwise could not have afforded to be present.

Ksenija is also involved with the leadership of Christians who are reaching out to the Roma community. Throughout Eastern Europe, the Roma are often marginalized and discriminated against. This is particularly difficult for young Roman women who often find themselves forced to leave school early and marry against their wishes. Leaders from Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria are working together to help the Roma people through conferences, seminars, and programs.

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Tirzah’s leader in this region, Madeleine Gouentoueu, and her leadership team help to coordinate a consultation every two years for women leaders from 10-15 countries in Francophone Africa. They meet to address the needs of the women in their nations and discuss how they can influence their environments. This consultation took place in Senegal in July 2014 and 1000 women attended despite the growing Ebola crisis present at that time. Many of these women were able to attend because of Tirzah sponsorship. 

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