As many as 115 million children of primary school age around the world will watch their friends heading off to school, but will never experience that joy for themselves. Two-thirds of these children are girls.

Tirzah Responds:

ARAB World

Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association (AWEMA),
Tirzah International's Partner in the Arab World

This partner has two education programs. One program is an educational, social, and psychological development program for children, from six to ten years of age, in needy areas. The program aims at developing education, morals, and skills of children from poor families in order to help them have a better future. This program is available in six areas in Egypt and also includes talent “fun” day festivals, and tutoring classes for primary and preparatory stage students. AWEMA staff conduct field visits to the children’s families to measure progress levels. AWEMA and Tirzah also provide some financial assistance for school fees, school supplies, clothing and medical care.  

AWEMA's second education program is a community literacy program aimed at improving the education and skills of young women and women from poor families. The program includes literacy classes for women and their daughters in four areas in Cairo and Alexandria. 

After going through this program, women happily report to AWEMA staff that they are now able to do their family’s marketing as they know how to count expenses.

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The Fadhili Program, Homecare, 
Tirzah International’s Partner in Kenya

This program provides emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological support to HIV+ women in the Kibera Slum who are living in poverty. When needed, Homecare provides help with the costs of schooling for children of the women in the Fadhili program.

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Homecare Sewing Center,
Tirzah International’s Partner in Burundi

A ten-month, five-day-a-week training program for widows and orphans. Women in the program are given funds for medical coverage, a nutritional daily meal and scholarships to keep their children in school. The program also provides literacy training for those entering the program who are unable to read.

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Entoto Women’s Empowerment Program, 
Beza Community Development Association,
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

Tirzah partners with the Beza Community Development Association to provide schooling support for the children of those affected by HIV/AIDS. Children are supported with full educational materials (such as exercise books, pens, pencils) and tutoring support after school. Every Saturday volunteers offer counseling, food/snack support and tutoring. 

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Eastern Europe

Women in the Tirzah network in this region help cover the costs of books, and school supplies for children in their churches. They also provide transport to school for children who need this and provide funds for college entrance exams.

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Ivory Coast

Tirzah's Regional Leader and her leadership team in Francophone Africa represent fifteen countries that help to provide literacy training to women and young girls who are out of school. The group also assists parents whose daughters would like to attend school. 

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