This scenario has become common place. The face of AIDS has changed. Women have shifted from those least affected by the the disease in the early 1980s, to those among whom the disease is spreading most rapidly.

Tirzah Responds:


The Fadhili Program, Homecare, 
Tirzah International’s Partner in Kenya

This program provides emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological support to widows in the Kibera Slum who are living with HIV. The women learn skills like knitting, soap-making, bead-making, and crocheting, among others. They then sell these products to earn income. For the three years these women are in our program, we assist with their rent and medical care. The women meet not just to learn new skills but also to share their personal experiences. During their therapy sessions, many are encouraged to learn that what they are going through is not new and others have gone through it victoriously. They also learn that they are loved and precious to the God who created them. At the end of the three years, we support these women with capital to go and start a business of their choice.

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Homecare Sewing Center,
Tirzah International’s Partner in Burundi

A 10 month, 5 day a week training program for widows and orphans, many of whom are HIV positive. Women in the program are given funds for medical coverage and scholarships to keep their children in school. The program also provides literacy training, trauma counseling, and discipleship for these impoverished women who have been struggling to provide for themselves and their children. As the women come to know that they are loved by God, they begin a healing journey from the deep wounds they carry. These women, many of whom have endured the most desperate of circumstances, learn to sew and at the end of the program receive a sewing machine, materials and a stipend to start their businesses. At the center, women find something many of them do not have -- a family of friends and supporters to help them rebuild their lives.

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Entoto Women’s Empowerment Program, 
Beza Community Development Association,
Tirzah International's Partner in Ethiopia

This program focuses on women living with HIV/AIDS on Entoto Mountain. This program provides business training so that the women can earn income for their families. Some of the women become employees of the Bethi Entoto jewelry companies. Others are trained to start their own businesses or helped to find other job opportunities. Areas of training include tailoring, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, leatherwork, and printing. Individual and group counseling is also provided to women living with HIV/AIDS.

Tirzah partners with Beza to provide school support for many children in this community, a number of whom are children of the women in this program. Children are supported with full educational materials (such as exercise books, pens, pencils) and tutoring support after school. Every Saturday, volunteers offer counseling, food, support, and tutoring.

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Nireekshana ACET (AIDS Care, Education, and Training)
Tirzah International's Partner in India

This program provides clinical and social care for the poor living with HIV in India. Drs. Sujai and Lavanya Suneetha bring hope to their patients, delivering the good news that even with HIV, it is possible to live a full and productive life. They consider their work to be a Christian response to the global pandemic.  They and their team run one main and two satellite outpatient clinics in the Hyderabad area of Andhra Pradesh, and see over 1000 patients a month. This program provides clinical care (including home-based care for those who cannot make it to the clinic), counseling, information about HIV testing and prevention, assistance obtaining ARVs, scholarships for patient’s children and income generation projects including training in embroidery, sewing and candle-making. The main clinic in Hyderabad also carries out original research into improving HIV treatment.  

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Asian Peninsula and Islands

Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines

Tirzah's leadership team in the region has a network that impacts women who are living with HIV/AIDS. This team conducts medical missions every month. A doctor visits 50 women and does checkups, dispenses medication and refers them to local churches where they can receive support and the good news that they are loved and valued in Christ.

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Latin America

Tirzah’s leaders in Latin America work in schools to educate teens about HIV/AIDS. 

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