Girls’ Night In isn’t a new idea. 

But we think it can be revolutionary. 

The kind of revolution that prevents wars, keeps children safe, ensures education for all, and improves nations - this is what Tirzah’s GNI is all about. 

GNI is an excuse to throw a party with your community of gal pals for the sake of equipping other communities of women miles away to become builders of peace in their nations. 


1.     Invite a small group of your friends into your home for an
        evening of sharing food, entertainment, conversation, 
        and life. 

2.    Take the money you would have spent collectively on
        a similar occasion out on the town and donate it to
        Tirzah’s scholarship programs for women leaders.

3.    Your investment in women changes the world!


Become a host and sign up below. We'll be celebrating to create scholarships all around the world. 


Guys can host too! That's right. GNI could also stand for Guys' Night In! We love the #HeforShe movement and believe that we need both men and women working for gender equality and justice. Get partyin', dudes!

Invite a friend to host! We've got an email template for you to send to your friends to invite them to party with you. 

All set with your scholarship funds? Click here to donate them:

Got photos from your GNI event? Send them to us at to be featured on our site and socials. Be sure to tag #partywithapurpose and #TirzahGNI when you share your images on social media!

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How To Guide.  You can download this PDF with all the info you'll need to throw your rad party and help out the ladies in CAR!

Here is your invitation! Download the PDF and fill out the form to give your guests the scoop.

Issue: you are having trouble with saving your edits to the PDF or viewing them on a phone, this may be a compatibility issue with the technology.

Solution: Print out a copy, fill it in by hand, and scan it to use. Or use the email formatted invite we will send you (request one by emailing if you didn't already get one).


Media Kit. Here are some images for your social media accounts to share about GNI and your party!

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