Pray for Burundi: Update


We received an update from our sweet friend Peace with regard to how we can best be praying for the current political unrest and violent atmosphere in Burundi. 

Peace says even in the time of waiting and anxiety, "We thank God for he knows best for our Burundi."

One of the biggest ways we can be praying right now is for moms with teenage sons. The current environment leaves little room for the safety of these boys as they are ripe age for coerced recruitment to one cause or another. Mothers fear for their high school-aged sons, that they will be falsely accused of association with one side or the other of the political clash and consequently encounter violence.

Join us in praying for:

  • safety in school and at home for teenage sons

  • protection from interaction with those who may falsely accuse the young men or coerce them into taking a side

  • new, safe homes for Burundian families who are not safe in their current homes

  • safety, protection, courage, and comfort for the mothers of these young men as they seek to protect their children, their neighbors, and their livelihood


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