She Did Not Give Up On Herself

Patricia is a single mother with 3 children who came to Kibera to earn a living and make a better life for her children. After a while, she started feeling sick and weak. Someone suggested she go for an HIV test. She took some time before going because she was afraid. Eventually, she decided to go and she tested positive.  That broke her heart. She cried and cried for days without telling anyone what the problem was.   

For years, she dealt with her illness but this January she got very sick again and had to take time off from her job as a shop attendant. She was so sick she went to stay with her sister. Her sister thought she was going to die and this troubled Patricia. One day when her sister went to work, Patricia gathered her strength and came back to her own home in Kibera. She did not want to stay in an environment where people had given up on her. She didn’t want to give up on herself.

After a few weeks she was feeling better and she resumed work. A woman there noticed Patricia’s weight loss and Patricia disclosed her HIV status. The woman, who has benefited from Tirzah’s Homecare Fadhili program, directed her to Homecare.  That is how Patricia joined the Fadhili Women’s Group this year.

Like most women in this program who have walked alone in their sickness, one of the things Patricia appreciates is coming together with other women who are in the same condition as she is. 

“I found myself with other women like me.  I got encouraged to go on with life, knowing that I’m not the only one living this kind of life.”  

She has rededicated her life to Christ and even joined her church choir as she loves to sing.

Besides the love and care of community she has gained at Homecare, she has also received the Get Hope Global small business training and a loan which enabled her to start a small business selling snacks. Check out her beautiful stand!


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