Moon + Stars


We hope you'll join us in taking a few minutes to marvel at the heavens tonight and be in awe of the power, glory, and bigness of our God. 

Look up and think about all of the people who have also looked up at the moon at one point or another in history. Think of the people thousands of miles away from you, but on the same earth, with different lives, different problems, different families, different ideas - they're seeing that same moon too. God made each and every star we can count around the moon, and each and every person who has ever looked up at the shiny, distant sphere and wondered. It's a pretty marvelous, pretty wonderful, pretty incomprehensible thing.

Here's a free phone background for you to download and use as a reminder that he made the moon and stars and YOU!

Click HERE or on the image to download.



Our Moon + Stars hand lettering design is also available as a mug from our Society6 shop!

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