Art with Purpose

Rhonda Coleman is a Tirzah advocate and marvelous artist. Rhonda decided to use her creative skills to create artwork that would support Tirzah's mission and provide funding for our partner programs. Her approach is shaped by centuries of sacred art. "I've often admired renaissance art for the church," says Rhonda. "Not so much for its groundbreaking skill and beauty but for its devotion and message. It was art with a guided purpose."

Through her etsy shop, Rooms and Blooms , she is making just that - art with purpose!


50% of the proceeds of sales from her incredible crosses will go to support Tirzah's partner programs and make better lives for women around the world!

"The stories I heard coming out of Tirzah were touching to say the least. The before and after photos of the women showed their transformations and the changes in them transformed my soul as well.  It will be a simple honor to use my gifts as an artist to improve their lives. To use one's talents and skills to help others is a great gift back to one's self."

Check out Rooms and Blooms and snag one of Rhonda's jeweled crosses before they sell out!

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