The Top 10 Ways Serving Has Changed My Life

10.  Serving has saved me from spending all my time obsessing over me and mine.  I admit it. I can be self absorbed.  I can spend copious amounts of time thinking about myself, my kids, my husband, my house. Should I buy this or that, do people like me, should I get cool sculpting on my butt? Serving rescues me from myself.

9.  Serving women through Tirzah has given me a completely different view of the world. So many women in the world have little to no control over their education, their bodies, how much income they can make, who or when they marry.  That doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  We all have a part in it.  I’ve decided to allow that to impact my life.  Whatever decisions have to be made in my politics, my spending, my choice of entertainment — I want to know is anyone made more vulnerable by my decision and am I signing up for anything that is doing harm to someone.

8.  Serving has helped me have more patience as a parent.  The people I serve have opinions, ideas, needs, hopes, experiences and part of serving them is respecting that.  Guess what? Turns out kids are people, too!  Tirzah has helped me gain a better understanding of what it means to love people (including my kids) as God has made them, not as I (in my infinite wisdom, not!) think they should be.

7.  Serving gives me permission to really enjoy the things that bring me happiness and restoration.  People often ask how I can enter into truly heartbreaking circumstances.  Part of the answer is that when I get the chance to release it and really have fun, I cut loose —whether it’s worship, storytelling, vacation, family time, spa days, playing tennis.  I’m grateful and have no guilt enjoying the things He gives me to keep my spirit light and energized.

6.  Serving has made me more brave.  When you see women who have endured so much but still found the courage to try to make their lives better, it’s a kick in the pants.  What the heck am I afraid of?  Failing?  Looking dumb?  Not having all the answers?  Serving helps me get over myself and go for it.

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Stay tuned for Casandra's top 5 ways next week!

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Casandra Morgan-Loyer Regional Leader for North America // Casandra is an Emmy-nominated writer who joined the staff of Tirzah in January 2014. Casandra loves all kinds of stories and believes in the power of the individual's story to inform and move people to action. Her personal mission is to help women and girls thrive, prosper, believe, hope, laugh uncontrollably and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they matter. She gets a huge thrill out of connecting people in North America with the justice issues that impact women and girls globally and she really, really doesn't like when people are mean to those who have less power. She lives in California with her very creative husband, Erik and their two children.

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