Reflecting on International Women's Day in Eastern Europe

We had very nice and blessed evening with the sisters for woman's day!

All together, there were 57 of us ladies. One brother from the church cooked Hungarian goulash and some other men set the tables and served us dinner. We really felt honored.

One sister came to me after, saying how much this evening blessed her:

When my kids were in the school, each year there was a program prepared for us mothers in the school. It was the time when I enjoyed being a woman; I felt honored. Now, my kids are grown up, and for years nothing happens on the 8th of March. I am sitting home alone. When I heard about this evening, I was happy. Thank you for organizing it! 

We also had a pastor who preached from the Word how and why we women are important in God's kingdom. It was very encouraging and up-lifting.

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