Tirzah Travels: The Difference a Year Makes

Hello Tirzah friends!

I'm Leslie (on the right in the photo) and I'm traveling with Tirzah to Ethiopia and Kenya. Over the next week or so, I hope to give you a few snapshots of what our trip experience has been like and describe my firsthand encounter of the effectiveness of Tirzah's partner programs in this region. I am a fourth-year pharmacy student at Hampton University, in Hampton, Virginia. This is my first trip to Africa! 

Yesterday, we visited a woman who is a current enrollee in the Beza Women's Empowerment program. In a shop that she co-owns, she sells traditional silk scarves and dress pieces. Tirzah and the Beza organization helped her start her clothing business last year, and she and her husband have been successful ever since. 

I was so deeply inspired and motivated by seeing her so proudly displaying her merchandise and hearing her testimony of how the Beza Women's Empowerment program has made it all possible in just one year. The importance of earning a living is something very important and meaningful, universally. I personally have worked hard over the years to have a successful sewing business and service organization, and seeing this woman's aspirations come to fruition from having nothing to having success in just ONE year with Beza's tutoring and mentorship was something I will never forget. If she can do it, so can I, as through Christ all things are possible!  




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