The Story of the Palms

The Story of the Palms

as told by Tirzah's West African leaders

"Before the introduction of Christianity, when war was triggered between two West African villages, the women from both these warring groups would come together to seek peace.

They would take palm leaves in their mouths and, on the front lines of the nearing battle, kneel with their hands behind their backs as a sign of humility. These women positioned themselves directly between the two groups in conflict to seek forgiveness for the actions of the warring groups that had led to the escalation in conflict and to request that the war end for their sake and for the sake of their children.

Seeing the boldness and courage of the women of both groups, the men would reconcile and end the conflict."

If women without God can play this role of reconciliation, are Christian women not also called to reconcile people with God and each other? 

The 8th International Consultation of Tirzah in Francophone West Africa

Madeleine and her team are expecting 1,000 women to attend from the 15 nations in their region of West Africa.  A number of the women attending will be able to cover their own fees and the leadership team is making and selling official Tirzah consultation dresses for the women to purchase as a way to assist with the costs of the Consultation. 

Just $75 covers the cost of attendance (lodging, food, registration) for one woman.

Will you help equip these women with the peace-keeping skills they need to create reconciliation in their communities?

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