Making Champions, pt. II

Advocate Annie Gaunder, who shared along side Carole Lieby from yesterday's blog post, had a few reflections on following the Tea at First Baptist Church of Hesperia. 

When I think about the opportunities that I have had, I know with all of my being that God is using me daily. I am a very simple person and still He uses me. When the opportunity to teach the beautiful women of Burundi about quilting presented itself, I was thrilled! Since then, through Tirzah, I have been able to network with many local women, in efforts to help many around us who are less fortunate. Having the opportunity to use my professional network and our Tirzah network has time and time again blended in a most beautiful way to honor Jesus Christ in helping other women. It was nice to see women from my quilt guild there at the church. Also, when we have a  local Tirzah project, the quilt guild is very supportive. I love to talk about my experience and hopefully, my enthusiasm is apparent. I will always be looking for ways to continue this work!

If you are looking for ways to get involved with Tirzah like Annie, check out some ideas here!




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