Making Champions

Tirzah is a network of many women (and men!) working toward equality for women around the world, a reflection of the value of women in God's eyes. A HUGE part of what we do is made possible through advocates taking opportunities to share about their experience with women's justice issues and Tirzah with those who may not know what they can do to equip women leaders worldwide. Two incredible advocates are Carole Lieby and Annie Gaunder who are part of a group of women in Apple Valley in support of Tirzah. Carol's most recent story of walking through an open door:

A year ago, I was contacted by Lynda Kaiser at First Baptist Church of Hesperia. She said that a mutual friend had told her about my trip to Burundi with Annie and she wondered if we could speak at her 2016 Tea. I was somewhat surprised because she had never met us, did not know anything about Tirzah, and had not heard about our Tirzah Apple Valley chapter. It was obvious that God was calling so, of course, we said YES!

The year flew by and this weekend we attended the Tea. These are my reflections:

No matter how many times I give a presentation about my work with Tirzah, I cannot help but get choked up. As I prepare, I am flooded with memories of the faces, the stories, the raw evil these ladies have seen, and the joy they now exude. It is evident Christ has changed their outlook from the here and now to the eternal. He has given them the power to forgive and move on. What courage they have, what resilience, what pure joy, unencumbered by materialism. I stand in awe of their faith and fortitude. So once again my heart is touched by Jesus through them, over and over. I marvel at how God continues to touch my heart through these memories, an example of how His power transcends time and space. I pray that some of that awe will come across in my words and that others can feel God's love, grace, and forgiveness. Because these ladies are living proof. I pray others will come away saying, "I want more of that secret ingredient - Jesus."

YOU too can be a champion for women through Tirzah. The more champions for women, the better. And the more women champions, the BEST! 



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