Tirzah Woman: Brené Brown

  Watercolor by   Camille Grager  . Learn more about this portrait series in her   artist statement  .

Watercolor by Camille Grager. Learn more about this portrait series in her artist statement.

Brené Brown is an American researcher and author who studies shame, vulnerability, trust, and people. Brené has one of the most watched TedTalks of all time called "The Power of Vulnerability" (we highly recommend it!). She lives and works in Houston, Texas, where she is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Brené has a wide range of accomplishments, but the overarching significant factor is the way in which she invites individuals into a deeper understanding of their inner makeup in order to empower them for healthy knowledge of self, connection with others, and joy of living. She has written three best selling books which seek to share her expertise with the non-researcher and academic alike. 

Brené debunks the voice of shame that lives in so many of our heads and offers a substitute - one of truth, power, love, and acceptance. Who does that remind you of? If you thought the Sunday school answer "Jesus," we're thinking the same thing!

We think Brené is an excellent #TirzahWoman because she is using her God-given gifts in research and her passion for storytelling and connecting people to help us excavate the untruths in our lives and listen to the Good Voice. Take it from us: it's worth stepping into the ring and daring greatly, as one of Brené's books invites us. How will you stand up to the negative voices you hear and replace them with healthy, loving practices and truth-telling?


Team Tirzah

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