Tirzah Woman: Lavanya Suneetha

 Watercolor portrait by  Camille Grager.

Watercolor portrait by Camille Grager.

Our #TirzahWoman today is Dr. Lavanya Suneetha. Lavanya is on the leadership team of ACET Nireekshana, Tirzah's partner in India.

Dr. Lavanya Suneetha and her husband of 28 years, Sujai, live in Hyderabad, India with their three daughters, Supriya, Vishaka, and Joha. Lavanya is a bright scientist who received her doctorate in biochemistry from the Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases. Lavanya has been working with people suffering from Leprosy and Tuberculosis over the last two decades, and now works with those living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Suneetha received the young scientist award from the Human Genetics Society in India in 1988 and has since continuously paired her gift for scientific research and medicine with her passion for helping people.

Lavanya currently serves as the Executive Director for Nireekshana ACET India, which started in 2004 in her family's living room as a way to meet the needs of the people she and her husband encountered. ACET stands for AIDS Care, Education & Training. Nireekshana is a community based care center that operates as a free clinic based in Hyderabad, India dedicated to the compassionate care and support of people infected and effected with HIV/AIDS and Leprosy. In their own words, they "try to have a holistic approach in our care and look beyond the illness to better health and better life."  Nireekshana envisions a world where "individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS and other diseases of poverty will experience health, fullness of life and a spirit of Hope." Part of their work includes special programs for equipping vulnerable women in the community. 

We are grateful to get to partner with Nireekshana ACET and with Doctors Lavanya and Sujai Suneetha. We also think it's pretty darn neat they are healing, empowering, and encouraging people together. What a marvelous example of how men and women can work together to bring restoration to their community and to raise women leaders. 


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