Q&A with AWEMA

Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing some Q&A with the director of AWEMA, our partner program in the Arab World, which is our focus for the fall season. Here's our first question:

Tirzah: Could you describe for us the harsh conditions in which the young women in the slum communities are living?


AWEMA Director: They are brought up in very poor financial, social and educational standards. They live in slums and are usually neglected by their families from their early years. Their schools are rampant with corruption and filled with endangering opportunities, like their colleagues offering them drugs. Sometimes this situation becomes coercive and the girls are forced to participate in substance abuse. They are vulnerable to emotional, physical and sexual abuse, inside and outside their families. Some of them work in early ages and others left schools to work.


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Stay tuned for next week's question and answer with AWEMA's director to learn more about the risks of being a young woman in this region of the world and the impact of AWEMA's program.

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