Q&A with AWEMA, pt. III

This is part three in a series of Q&A with our partner program in the Arab World. The first part can be read here. And part two can be read here.


Tirzah: In the "Challenges" section, could you share with us what are some of the problems the young women face in their families that then cause them to have low self-esteem?

AWEMA director: The following points are the greatest catalysts of shame that automatically creates low self-esteem:

  • Ignorance of parents on how to deal with their critical age.

  • Negligence and abuse that they face in their communities

  • Not enough time and efforts exerted to take care of them in their early ages.

  • Frequent negative comments from parents and projection of anger in various ways (insults – scolding and scandalizing – hitting – sexual abuse) on daughters (as the young vulnerable members of the family).

  • Instability in the families causes traumatic internal insecurity.

  • They either work in early ages to support the family financially or are not given any roles in their families. Some of them either seek identity from work or neglect themselves in the same way they were neglected by their families.


Tirzah: The prayer request asks for God to open doors in reaching these young women - what are some of the obstacles faced in reaching them?

AWEMA director: The obstacles we face in reaching them are:

  • Some of them work and have no time to go to church or to be committed to any form of Christian groups.

  • Previous negative experiences about leaders (that they either tell the young women’s secrets to others – don’t positively listen to them and jump to instructing them – don’t take active actions towards their needs).

  • In addition to the age factor of those young women, they do not like long term commitment; they prefer fast and easy ways; are strongly driven by their feelings and are strongly driven by their group of friends.

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