Am I Pretty Enough?

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It's not easy to be a girl in the world today. With all of the body-shaming, photoshopped images, advertising, and social media messaging bombarding young women today, "not easy" is an understatement. Add to that the tumultuous political situation of the Middle East and extreme poverty, and then take away education and what many of us consider basic rights: now we're beginning to understand how hard it is to be a girl in the Arab World. AWEMA, our partner in the Middle East, works specifically with girls and invites them into the knowledge of how God views them:

One young woman shared that she used to hear negative comments about her appearance. As many of us do, she believed what she heard and felt ashamed. During the last seminar, she heard that God created us in His image - and that makes us beautiful and unique. She had never thought of herself that way.

She shared that, for the first time in years, she truly believed she was beautiful.

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Will you join with us in creating more opportunities for young women in the Arab World and North Africa to see the truth about how beautiful they are?

Help impact the lives of young women in the Middle East! 

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