Burundi: one story and one election




The story:

Monia is a graduate of our partner sewing program, Homecare, in Burundi. She has overcome disability, abuse, poverty, and loss. Read Monia's full story of healing and strength here. 

The context:

Today, Burundi is holding a controversial election. Incumbent Pierre Nkurunziza announced in April he would run for a third consecutive term. This announcement, representing an unprecedented move, was met with grief and violent outbreaks throughout the country which have escalated in recent days. While opinions vary on the validity of the election, whether it would count or be relevant according to the UN and the African Union, the threat to Burundi citizens' safety is certainly real. Some have expressed their dissatisfaction with the political situation by lashing out against police and threatening and claiming the lives of voters.

The response: 

Please pray for Monia and her country, for their safety and their future. While she is truly a Tirzah success story, the stability of a country can have such a great impact on the stability of an individual. Monia is brave and resilient, qualities many women in her community share and are fighting to preserve. Let us pray for protection for Monia, her children, her business, and her community in Burundi. 


With love,


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