Happy Mother's Day!


This Mother's Day, Tirzah celebrates Moms in the Middle East who raise their children with great love, even while being marginalized themselves. 

AWEMA*, our partner in the region, works to help women find healing and peace in intensely difficult circumstances. 

Ana (not her real name), a Christian living in the Arab world, discovered she had cancer. Doctors gave her a month to live. With this short time, Ana and her husband decided to open their home as a church. Ana prayed that her life would be extended so she could help her ten-year-old son and five-year-old daughter come closer to Jesus. She lived two more years, long enough to see her son praying with others to encourage them in their faith. 

Tirzah celebrates mothers who are with us and mothers who have gone on but who continue to influence their children's hearts and lives. 

Would you donate to help mothers who are doing their best to care for the souls, hearts, and health of those God has placed in their care?

* Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association

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