Heroic Mother: Monia, in Burundi

Burundi, where Tirzah supports the Homecare Sewing Center, has seen protests and political unrest in the past week stemming from the current president’s bid for a third term. Tirzah is praying for a peaceful resolution to these issues for Burundi and we are particularly praying for the staff, widows and orphans who are a part of the Homecare family. Many of these women suffered trauma during the civil war that ended in 2001 and these latest disruptions are disheartening and frightening.

As Mother’s Day approaches, read the heroic, powerful story of Monia, a young widow, and the mother of twin girls in Burundi. As you read her story, let her be the face of all the vulnerable women and girls in Burundi who need our support.

Since the unrest began on April 25th, thousands have fled Burundi. Tirzah is working to see how we can continue to assist our Homecare family in this difficult period.

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