Featured Leader: Ksenija

 Ksenija at the mothers' breakfast event in Serbia.

Ksenija at the mothers' breakfast event in Serbia.

Ksenija Sabo, Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Eastern Europe, first felt a call to serve women in 1989 while still living under communism. She came to understand that she had to be willing to engage women inside and outside of the church in environments where they could be comfortable. 

Ksenija’s vision is to bring women together and inspire them to reach out with the love of Christ and meet the practical needs of society. “I know that I have sisters all over the world and we can pray for each other, and help each other. We all belong to the same family, God's family.”

On the ninth of May, Ksenija and her team organized a breakfast for women outside the church in her town of Subotica, Serbia. The theme was “Being a mother is a call from God and a privilege”. 

Sixty-one women including 38 who were not Christians came together for fellowship, sharing and encouragement. Ksenija has received many calls from attendees who said they felt loved and honored. One woman said she is so often humiliated by her husband, but now she understands that she is not a mistake. She is in God’s plan and was born for a purpose. She said she is now proud she was born a woman.


Ksenija continues to find ways to reach out to women throughout Eastern Europe and help them realize their value and capabilities.  

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