Featured Advocate: Caitlin

Caitlin with Tirzah's Regional Leader from Burundi, Peace Nihorimbere.

Advocate Caitlin is traveling with Tirzah to Ethiopia later this month! Caitlin has traveled with Tirzah before, and she has generously given of her time and creativity with various graphic design projects. We asked Caitlin why she is a Tirzah advocate, and this is what she said:

"To me, Tirzah is a beautiful, audacious community of rockstar women and champions for women. I first glimpsed this community when one woman invited seven or eight others to watch a movie documenting how women in rural Ethiopia are effected by fistula. Gathered in a colorful living room in Los Angeles, CA, sharing stories and eating brownies, we were able to encourage each other and explore what it might look like to seek justice, peace, and empowerment for women and girls everywhere. Since then, I've been able to learn from many more like-minded women (who are way cooler than me, and have done amazing things like sky-diving, biking across the United States, and raising small children) in California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

"I've also been able to experience this community across the globe. I've met women from El Salvador, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Burundi, Serbia, and Myanmar. They're empowering women in their communities who have otherwise been pushed to the fringes of society, and it's beautiful. I've visited Peace in Burundi, and met the women at her sewing center who are learning to be masters of their craft, designers, financial providers, and role models in every way. They're finding forgiveness in the aftermath of a brutal civil war, leaning into hope and creating change in the midst of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and abuse. They're learning and demonstrating what it means to trust Jesus, creating a world that reflects God's all-encompassing embrace, inclusivity, and love. How awesome! To me, any way I can be part of this—lending my design skills and working to build up a Tirzah chapter in San Diego—is super exciting."

We are so grateful for you, Caitlin!

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