Women: Fighting Ebola in West Africa

In West Africa, Tirzah's leader, Madeleine Gouentoueu and her team are working hard to combat Ebola.  According to the UN, it is critical right now in the ongoing struggle against Ebola to engage women and also religious leaders, which is exactly what Madeleine and her team are doing!

Madeleine and her team, meeting with women in West Africa to share how they can best combat Ebola in their communities.

The team in West Africa is also meeting with religious leaders all over the area, to equip them to share effective Ebola prevention.

From Madeleine: “We thank the Lord for the beginning of the work. It is still difficult because the understanding of the danger that comes from this disease comes slowly. Africans are accustomed to greeting each other with real warmth and to treat each other with compassion in the face of illness. It is difficult for them to accept that we should not greet each other by a handshake or that we should wash hands after greeting a brother or sister. It is difficult to tell them to keep away from the body of a sister or brother who has died of Ebola. But the Lord is faithful and will help us in our task of saving lives. Pray for us, that the Lord will help us fight this foul disease."

With your support, so far, Madeleine and her team have accomplished the following:  

  1. Trained 147 pastors, church & community leaders, including women leaders.
  2. Held 15 trainings reaching 1,426 people in churches and communities on the following topics:
    • Understanding Ebola and how to combat this disease.
    • Preventing Ebola and the importance & practice of hand-washing .
    • How Ebola is transmitted, recognizing symptoms of Ebola.
    • Behaviors that will avoid spreading the disease.
  3. Distributed sanitation kits including buckets, bleach and hand sanitizing gel.

Recipients:  102 churches in 24 locations, including 7 villages near the Liberian border.

While the kits are distributed, trainers share that the motive is the love of God that overcomes all ills.

We are excited to hear of the progress in West Africa, but there are still many people to be reached! You can still be a part of the fight against the spread of Ebola - support Madeleine and her team today:

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