A First-hand Update on the Refugee Crisis

A member of the Tirzah network in the region of Eastern Europe sends us a first-hand update on the refugee crisis:

Until September 15th, refugees were coming to my city by buses, trains, cabs, and on foot. The bus station, train station, and city parks were full of people, in many situations couples with small children, even babies.

One of our friends leaves at 4:30 each morning when the bakeries open and travels to all the bakeries in town collecting left over breads from the previous day to give to these people. He has found out that many of these people are Christian, and all of them are looking for hope. They left their countries because of persecution, warfare, or other trauma, seeking safety. Two weeks ago, he met a young Christian man from Iran who left his town after radicals killed nearly all of the Christians in his town. Our friend gave this young man a Bible and it is now his most precious possession. Though we have lost track of this young man, as happens with many refugees who have to keep moving or do not have permission to stay, we pray that God takes care of him and provides for him. 

Where we live, the government is building a place for refugees; when winter comes, they cannot stay on the streets anymore. We have lots of snow and cold weather in the winter time. 

Please help us pray for these people, that we can serve them in a way that shows the Gospel. There are many Muslims who are open to hearing about Christ. One girl from Somalia said, "We learned in our Muslim school at home, that the Christians are bad people, but what I experienced here in Europe is that Christians are nice people full of love." 

We have to use this opportunity, when so many people are coming to us now, to show them love, kindness, and hope in Christ.

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