How Can Your Church Partner with Tirzah?

Tirzah partners with churches around the country who want to follow the example of Christ by reaching out to hurting women and girls. We love partnering with these wonderful churches! How are they partnering with Tirzah? Keep reading to find out!


Hollywood, CA

Ecclesia team members at children's camp in Kenya.

Ecclesia's Kenya Team "KT13" ready to head to Kenya!

Lindsay helping children in sack races at camp in Kenya.

Ecclesia actively supports Tirzah's work in Kenya with the Fadhili Women's Group and with camps for the children of Kibera.

Glenkirk Church

Glenkirk, CA

Members of Glenkirk Church and Silverlake Community Church ready to head to Burundi! 

Glenkirk has partnered with Tirzah by sending team members to visit our global programs, by inviting us to be represented at their church events and through their support for our programs.

Silverlake Community Church

Silverlake, CA

Who doesn't want to win a gift basket from Trader Joe's? Offered at the church raffle to raise funds for the team they took to visit Tirzah's work in Burundi.

Want your car washed? The church held a car-wash to raise funds for their team to Burundi.

The Church Christmas tree - decorated with fabulous stars made by the women in Burundi!

Silverlake's support for Tirzah includes invitations to raise awareness on our work at special church events, sending team members on our global trips and more. Board member David Frame is a member of Silverlake Community Church and the church has invited Tirzah's global leaders to speak at their events.

Valencia United Methodist Church (VUMC)

Valencia, CA

Fundraiser at VUMC.

Cards of encouragement for the women in Tirzah's programs - made by women at Valencia United Methodist Church.

Valencia United Methodist Church (VUMC)'s advocacy for Tirzah includes a full range of activities: sharing about us at their annual women's conference, inviting Tirzah's global leaders to speak at their church, working through one of our Study Guides and sending members on our international teams. 

First Presbyterian Church of colorado springs, co

second presbyterian church of memphis, tn

We are so thankful for the regular support of these fantastic churches!


To find out how your church can become a Tirzah partner church, or if you're interested in having a speaker from Tirzah share with your group, fill out the form below or contact Casandra Morgan-Loyer at



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