How Can You Use Your Artistic Abilities to Help Marginalized Women and Girls?

God has given each person their own unique combination of talents and passions. It is such a joy to see the creative ways God uses individuals to advocate for women and girls through Tirzah!


Minnemie saw a photo of three graduates of Tirzah's Burundi sewing program and just had to paint them!

A transplant from South Africa, Minnemie now lives in South Carolina with her husband and their six boys. She says, "I am Queen incognito living in a jungle of boys, books, captured snakes, tail-shedding lizards, random rusty treasures, and various dirt samples. My day job is very complicated and specialized indeed: I oversee the hunt for those unfortunate tailless lizards that make it into the house "by accident," I feed growling tummies, and I pour words of wisdom (or just words...) into those ears not stopped up with dirt."

When Minnemie was asked why she painted these graduates from the Burundi sewing program, she replied, "Well, I just had to paint them for they grabbed me as a beautiful, colorful trio exuding joy and representing a tender community. Isn't it amazing that all of this shone through their faces, their postures, their interaction with each other, their movements of excitement - without me knowing the details of their story? I guess it was ultimately the wonder and beauty of redemption, portrayed through them, that drew me in."


Annie Calvano-Gaunder, a professional quilter, traveled to Burundi with Tirzah and had a blast training women in the sewing class in advanced quilt-making techniques. After Annie came home, she made these gorgeous placemats with African material in honor of her time with the women there.



Carol Leiby traveled with Tirzah to Burundi and came back creatively inspired! Carol sewed these gorgeous note cards using material made in Burundi and sold them to raise funds for widows and orphans supported through Tirzah.



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